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.As an official participant in Symantec’s Encryption Everywhere program, Enom is now able to offer complimentary SSL certificates to all resellers via the Enom API.

What is Encryption Everywhere?

Encryption Everywhere is an effort led by Symantec to encrypt 100% of websites by 2018. In order to achieve this goal, Symantec is offering complimentary single-domain DV certificates.


Why Encrypt Every Site?

Secure web browsing is quickly becoming the standard across the internet, and your customers are already looking for low-cost or no-cost ways to secure their sites.

In 2014, Google announced it would give a ranking boost to HTTPS websites.


Beginning January 2017, Chrome will start adding a “Not secure” warning to all HTTP sites.


In 2017, Mozilla will start rolling out a plan to only offer new features to HTTPS sites, and turn off features for non-secure sites.


Why should you participate?

With big backers like Google, Mozilla, Symantec and Let’s Encrypt, an HTTPS-only web is right around the corner. This means that within a couple of years the number of SSL certificates you issue could go from 3-5% of sites to 100% of sites.

Many of these new SSL cert customers will find their site requires more robust security features than Symantec’s free certificate can offer. Luckily, Symantec makes it easy for these customers to roll up to higher-level certificates.

These upsell options include:

  • ECC for enhanced encryption
  • SAN certs for multi-domain support
  • Wildcard certs for subdomain support
  • OV certs for added trust
  • EV certs plus green address bar
  • Malware scanning
  • Expanded warranty
  • Faster response times

Even if only a fraction of new SSL customers upgrade to a paid certificate, you can easily double or triple your premium certificate sales.

Your Enom account manager will work with you to develop a strategy for converting your customers to higher-level certificates.

To start adding free certificates to your current SSL offering,
please contact your account manager or our sales team:

Contact us to get started

Or give us a call at (425) 274-4500