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This past August, we were incredibly excited to release G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work) both to our retail customers, and our network of over 28,000 resellers. It has been one of the highlights of our year as we evolve the Enom platform to deliver a more modern, user-centric experience. But our commitment doesn’t stop at the initial release. Today, we’d like to announce three updates to G Suite that will be implemented in the coming weeks.

New G Suite branding

The first change may be something you’ve already heard about. In September, Google announced that Google Apps for Work would be renamed “G Suite” to fully reflect how Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, and Hangouts work together to transform businesses. G Suite will continue to offer the same features you’ve come to expect from Google Apps.

At Enom, we are already updating our website content and graphics to reflect the new G Suite name. That said, there may be a transition period when you encounter both “G Suite” and “Google Apps” branding on our platform. Just know that the two terms are effectively the same, and the transition to the G Suite name will be made without any disruption to your service.

G Suite basic & business annual billing

For small businesses looking for convenience (and savings) in their billing for services, we will soon start offering an annual billing option for G Suite. Customers using both G Suite Basic (formerly Google Apps for Work) and G Suite Business (formerly Google Apps Unlimited) will be able to enjoy the entire suite with a single, simple payment per year (per seat). G Suite Basic customers will also see a discount when selecting annual billing equivalent to two free months of service versus the monthly plan.

For our resellers offering G Suite, the new annual plans will also be made available to you, both through and via the API. We will be sending follow-up notices to you soon regarding wholesale pricing for the new billing plans.

Free WHMCS plugin

Speaking of billing, one of the most exciting updates coming to resellers offering G Suite will be our new free plugin for WHMCS users. As one of the most popular platforms for web host billing automation, the ability to merge WHMCS and G Suite was among the most anticipated features when we first launched. Soon, you will be able to manage selling and billing G Suite to your customers using your installation of WHMCS, no coding required! Documentation for the WHMCS plugin with G Suite will be available soon, so be watching for more details to come.

When Enom first started down the path of adding Google apps to our offerings, we were thrilled at the prospect of modernizing our product line for customers. The update to G Suite branding and addition of annual billing and the WHMCS plugin are even more validation that 2016 is the year of the Enom Evolution.

Learn more about G Suite’s features and pricing plans.