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As you’ve seen in our recent blog posts and emails, one of Enom’s goals in 2016 is to increase the useful and timely information we share with you. You may be aware that as part of these plans, we created a new Twitter account, @enomsupport, which is one of our fastest ways to share.

A recent DNS outage at Dyn that affected Twitter (and many other services like Netflix and Reddit, too), however, had us hurry to release the next phase of our plans. It was time to accelerate our development of an external site other than Twitter to communicate outages or changes that impact our customers.

Enom’s new status page is not hosted by Enom, so you’ll be able to check on Enom’s services even if Enom’s main site is experiencing difficulties. You can also subscribe to these alerts via email, text, and RSS in order to be immediately notified when service is disrupted by using the “Subscribe to Updates” button at the top of the page.

showing the new enom status page

Once you’re subscribed, you’ll also be notified when certain TLDs will be unavailable due to scheduled registry maintenance.

showing what a scheduled maintenance announcement would look like

To check on Enom services or subscribe to alerts, please visit: