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We often use this blog to reiterate the importance of web security, and hopefully it’s clear why: Buying a domain is a great first step, but we want to make sure our customers can use them, too. Whether it’s for business or personal use, a website needs to be protected from malicious actors all over the world. Yet while SSL certificates are the first line of defense against hacking, only 3% of domains are currently protected by them. This is why we have joined Symantec’s new Encryption Everywhere program. This is a huge leap for customer security on our platform, and we’re very excited to start offering this protection.

Encryption Everywhere is Symantec’s solution to have 100% SSL coverage for all websites by 2018. To that end, we are going to enable Symantec’s Encryption Everywhere SSL certificates for all resellers via the Enom API. Similar coverage for all of our retail customers is also on our 2017 roadmap. These Domain Validated (DV) single-domain certificates are what Symantec considers the new baseline level of web security. Customers that need additional features and protection will be able to easily upgrade to appropriate certificates.

Wanting to protect domain registrants and their websites’ users from cyber criminals should be a no-brainer. But there are additional motivations for a 100% SSL-covered web, as well. Search engines are now prioritizing secured websites in their rankings. Internet browsers are also beginning to scale back features for sites outside of the HTTPS standard. In short, with Encryption Everywhere SSL certificates there are few reasons why a website shouldn’t be protected, and more and more reasons why it should.

Ramping up from 3% to 100% coverage by 2018 may seem like a monumental task, but Enom’s own platform has seen its own extensive changes in the course of a year, and we feel that the substantial benefits for our customers is worth the effort.