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Enom’s Tiered Access directory (gated Whois)

Over the past few months, we’ve talked quite a bit about the concept of our Tiered Access registration directory, also referred to by its informal title, “gated Whois”. This has sparked many questions from our reseller partners and other interested parties who are curious about how the system works, who may have access, and what […]

How will the GDPR impact Whois

In the weeks since my last update, a lot of behind-the-scenes work has gone on for our GDPR implementation project. One aspect of this project, which we can now share more specific information about, concerns changes to the Whois system. I also have some details around how collecting and processing data will influence both our […]

Why choose an EV SSL certificate?

Identity theft and browser warnings are growing concerns among consumers. And while you may think enabling SSL on your website will allay these fears, failure to select the right TLS/SSL certificate can erode customer trust. To regain trust, site owners need an easy, reliable way to show customers that transactions are secure and that the […]