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GDPR Q&A for domain resellers

We had a great turnout for our GDPR webinar, and attendees asked many intelligent and insightful questions about the regulation and our implementation of its requirements. We’ve made available a PDF of the full Q&A session, but if you prefer a shorter read, here are some of the highlights: 1. What is the allowed time […]

Business woman considers the GDPR in front of parliament building in Brussels

The GDPR in 25 minutes

If you’re looking for a short and sweet summary of the GDPR (well, as short and sweet as a summary of any legal policy can be), this is the video for you! Presented by one of our resident GDPR experts, our Reseller webinar explains the fundamental concepts of the GDPR, why it matters to service providers, […]

GDPR-related contract changes

If you’re reading this, chances are you have questions about the GDPR and how Enom is preparing. We’ve got answers! Sign up for our GDPR Webinar on March 7 or March 8 to learn from one of our GDPR experts. The GDPR can be approached in terms of three fundamental concepts: 1. Consent and control […]