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Registry, registrar and registrant – what’s the difference?

The domain industry is technical, complex, and sometimes unforgiving. Part of what makes it unique is the multilevel channel involved in creating a domain from scratch to making it viewable on your browser. Unfortunately, the creation and distribution of domains are far from straightforward. They involve multiple parties, doing different things, in different ways, with […]

Telcos want control of the Internet. Together we can still stop them.

Time is running out to protect the Internet as we know it. Today is a day to rally. A day to talk, to reach out and especially to act. It’s the last chance to fight to keep fair and equal access to the Internet. The day we exercise our freedom of speech to maintain the […]

account security

Boost your account security in three simple steps

We seem to only talk about account security in the aftermath of an attack or breach. It feels like the worst possible time to do so, as it’s reactive, and begs the question, “why weren’t these preventive efforts made earlier?”. Nothing bad has happened this time (we hope it will continue this way) but in […]