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It’s All Fun and .GAMES

We love launching new domain extensions at Enom, from .DENTIST to .SOCIAL and everything in between. Every new domain extension represents an innovative way for people, companies, and brands to put themselves online, but not many embody pure, unbridled fun the way the new .GAMES extension does. Fortunately, .GAMES goes into General Availability on Wednesday, […]

DNS maintenance scheduled for 9/28

Enom will be conducting maintenance on its Domain Name Servers on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 from 8:00 am–10:00 am PST. The maintenance will help to enhance our DNS capabilities, however, during this process, you may experience some delay while making DNS changes to your domains. Registrations, renewals, and other domain updates will all be accepted […]

Experience the power of two-character domains starting September 14

In our recent post about Platinum domains, we mentioned that short and memorable domains are often considered the most valuable. Two-character domain names—that is, domains with just two letters and/or numbers to the left of the dot—certainly fit in the “short” category, and this quality often makes them much easier to remember, too. Until this […]