Web Hosting



We are one of the premier Windows-based Web hosting companies. We support the following programs and languages:

  • ASP
  • Java applets
  • SQL Server 2000
  • Access
  • FrontPage Server Extensions
  • Flash
  • Shockwave

Our Web Hosting allows you to offer the following standard features:

  • Up to 100 Web sites per Web hosting account
  • Unlimited host headers (such as "sales" in sales.example.com)
  • Instant administration: our Web hosting control panel allows users to administer the domain names and host records associated with their Web hosting account. Our real-time DNS management propagates the changes instantly.
  • Monitoring of storage and bandwidth usage
  • 24 / 7 FTP access

Our Web Hosting functionality allows you to use our default packages, or configure custom Web hosting packages for your particular market. You assign a per-unit price to the components, and decide how many units of each component to offer in each package. In each package, you can offer:

  • Up to 400GB of Web storage
  • Up to 3000GB of bandwidth
  • Up to 300 Web mail boxes, each with 100MB of storage
  • Up to 7500MB of SQL database storage



Eligibility Our Web Hosting is available for all domain names. They do not need to be registered here or use our DNS hosting; they do not even need to be a TLD that we support. All that's needed to connect a domain name with our Web Hosting is to point the domain name's host records to our Web Hosting server, and to associate the domain name with the Web Hosting account.

Selling Web hosting using our shopping cart

If you use our shopping cart, here's an example of how to add Web hosting:


Selling Web hosting with the PurchaseServices command

To sell Web hosting using the PurchaseServices command, use the following input parameters:

Parameter Status Description Max Size
UID Required Account login ID 20
PW Required Account password 20
Service Required Type of service to purchase. For Web hosting, use Service=WebHosting. 15
SLD Optional for WebHosting Second-level domain name (for example, enom in enom.com). For WebHosting, this is the domain the Web hosting package will be associated with. 63
TLD Optional for WebHosting Top-level domain name (extension). For WebHosting, this is the domain the Web hosting package will be associated with. 15
HostAccount Required for WebHosting Name for this Web hosting account. Permitted values are 6 to 14 characters in length, begin with a letter, and the remaining characters are alphanumeric. 14
HostPassword Required for WebHosting Password for this Web hosting account; must be alphanumeric and 6 to 14 characters in length. 14
FullName Required for WebHosting First and last name of the contact person for this Web hosting account, for example, John Doe 44
HostAccountEmail Optional for WebHosting Email address for communications from us regarding this Web hosting account, for example, john.doe@resellerdocs.com 78
Package Required for WebHosting Package name. To retrieve currently defined packagess , use the WebHostGetPackages command in the Web hosting API catalog. 11
OverageOption Required for WebHosting Your instructions for how we should handle bandwidth overages, measured on a permonth basis. Permitted values are:
1 Upgrade to the next bandwidth package
2 Charge on a per-GB basis on my next monthly bill
3 Disable the account until the beginning of the next monthly billing cycle
EmailNotify Optional; default is 0 Permitted values are 0 and 1. 1 sends you an email confirmation when a customer makes a purchase using this command. 3
ResponseType Optional in all cases Format of response. Permitted values are Text (default), HTML, or XML. 4

NOTE: Web hosting does not support our credit card processing.


Managing and renewing Web hosting

Once you're set up to sell Web hosting, the following commands help you manage it:

Like many of our products, Web hosting uses a separate, unbranded control panel for a user's day-to-day activities. All you need to do in your Web site is set up the sales and some basic management functionality. We take care of the rest. To launch the Web hosting control panel, go to: http://webhosting.number1domain.com/Login.asp?page=default.aspx