SSL Certificates



Secure Sockets Layer certificates-SSL certs-encrypt data to assure you and your customers that any information they provide can't be intercepted by a third party. Our certs range in price and in the amount of authentication that you submit before they go online. They can be applied to any domain name-they're not restricted to domains registered or hosted with us.

We offer the following Domain Validation certificates. These certificates validate the relationship between the cert and the domain:

  • Comodo Essential
  • Comodo Instant
  • Comodo Essential Wildcard
  • Comodo Premium Wildcard
  • GeoTrust QuickSSL
  • GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium
  • RapidSSL

At a medium level of verification, the Certification Authority confirms the relationship between the organization name on the certificate and the business registration or D-U-N-S number. We offer the following Organization Validation certificates:

  • GeoTrust True Business ID
  • GeoTrust True Business ID Wildcard
  • VeriSign Secure Site
  • VeriSign Secure Site Pro

Finally, we offer Extended Validation (EV) certificates that undergo extra manual verification of both the domain and the business that purchases the certificate. These certs offer your customers, and their customers, the highest level of security. In browser address bars, this is the cert type that causes the bar to display green giving users a strong visual cue as to the site's security:

  • Comodo EV
  • Comodo EV SGC
  • GeoTrust True Business ID with EV
  • VeriSign Secure Site EV
  • VeriSign Secure Site Pro EV


SSL certificates can be applied to any domain name; the domain name does not need to be registered or hosted with us.


Selling SSL certificates with the PurchaseServices command

To sell SSL certificates using the PurchaseServices command, use the following input parameters:


Parameter Status Description Max Size
UID Required Account login ID 20
PW Required Account password 20
Service Required Service to purchase. Permitted values for certs:
NumYears Optional for certs; default is 1 Number of years to purchase this SSL certificate. Permitted values are 1 to the following maximum numbers:
5 Comodo Essential
5 Comodo Instant
3 Comodo Essential Wildcard
5 Comodo Premium Wildcard
2 Comodo EV
2 Comodo EV SGC
5 GeoTrust QuickSSL
6 GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium
5 GeoTrust True BusinessID
5 GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard
2 GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV
5 RapidSSL
5 VeriSign Secure Site
5 VeriSign Secure Site Pro
2 VeriSign Secure Site with EV
2 VeriSign Secure Site Pro with EV
ResponseType Optional in all cases Format of response. Permitted values are Text (default), HTML, or XML. 4

NOTE: The PurchaseServices command does not offer the ability to sell SSL certificates using our credit card processing.


Managing and renewing SSL certificates

Once you're set up to sell SSL certificates, the following commands help you manage and renew them:

To create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR), send your customers to the following URLs. Be sure to alert your customers that EV certificates require a 2048-bit CSR:

Comodo certificates:

GeoTrust certificates and RapidSSL:

VeriSign certificates: