POP Email



We offer Web-based POP Email. The basics:

  • POP Email is sold by the pak.
  • Each pak includes 10 email addresses.
  • Each pak is associated with a single domain name.
  • Each email address comes with 1GB of storage.
  • Extra storage is available: each unit of extra storage provides 512MB for each email address in the pak.


POP Email is available for domain names that are registered with us or use our DNS Hosting.

Selling POP Email with the PurchaseServices command

To sell POP Email using the PurchaseServices command, use the following input parameters:


Parameter Status Description Max Size
UID Required Account login ID 20
PW Required Account password 20
EndUserIP Required End user’s IP address. This is used in fraud checking, as part of our order processing service. Use format NNN.NNN.NNN.NNN. 15
ProductType Required

Type of product to add. Permitted values are:

  • POP (10-mailbox pak with 1GB storage per mailbox)
  • Renew-POP EmailStorage (512MB extra storage per mailbox)
  • Mailbox (This is the new email type which allows for both creating new mailboxes and renewals.)
SLD Required for POP3 Second-level domain name (for example, enom in enom.com). 63
TLD Required for POP3 Top-level domain name (extension). 15
Quantity Optional for POP
Renew-POP EmailStorage Mailbox

For ProductType=POP, the number of 10-mailbox paks to purchase for this domain.

For ProductType=Renew-POP, the number of years to add to this POP pak subscription.

For ProductType=EmailStorage, the number of 512MB units of storage to add to this pak.

For ProductType=Mailbox, the number of mailboxs to add.

ProductID Required for Renew-POP EmailStorage Also required for ProductType=Mailbox with ActionType=Renew POP pak ID number. To retrieve this value, use the GetPOP3 command. 3
ActionType Optional for Mailbox Possible values: Create (default) Renew (ProductID is required for renewal) 3
TimeUnit Optional for Mailbox Possible values: Year (default) Month  
TimeQuantity Optional for Mailbox Possible values: 1-12 number of months or years (default is 1) 3
Capacity Optional for Mailbox

Possible values:

1 - 1 Gigabyte of storage (default)

3 - 3 Gigabytes of storage

5 - 5 Gigabytes of storage

10 - 10 Gigabytes of storage

ClearItems Optional; you must also add another item to the cart in the same query Make all items currently in the cart inactive (but keep them in the cart), and add a new item. Permitted value is yes. To reactivate items in the cart that are inactive, use the UpdateCart command. 3
ResponseType Optional; default is Text Format of response. Permitted values are Text (default), HTML, or XML. 4

POP Email does not support our credit card processing.


Managing and renewing POP Email

Once you're set up to sell POP Email, the following commands help you manage and renew it:

To use their POP Email, your customers log on to our unbranded control panel:

For example, if your customer's domain name is resellerdocs.com, they would pick up their email at: