Overview of Selling VAS

Adding a new VAS to your Web site typically includes four steps:

  1. Log on to your reseller account and set pricing.
  2. In your domain-selling Web site, add the ability to sell the service using the PurchaseServices command.
  3. You don't have to build the UI to manage them-you just build a link to the unbranded control panel for that service.
  4. For services that are sold on a registration basis, you'll build the ability to renew them. For services sold on a subscription basis with an automatic billing cycle, you'll build the ability to cancel them.

Step 1-Set pricing

Setting your retail pricing for a new services is so easy you may have already done it. To set prices:

  1. Log on to your reseller account.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click to the tabs to display retail prices for services.
  4. Set prices and click Save Changes. You can set prices for all services now, and build each service into your retail site on your own schedule.

Step 2-Sell using the PurchaseServices command

This guide focuses on the purchase method that most of our resellers use: real-time purchases.

We've created one command, PurchaseServices, for real-time purchases of all VASs. Like the Purchase command, PurchaseServices is processed immediately rather than going through our order processing queue.

PurchaseServices allows credit card purchase of some but not all products. The purchase mechanisms permitted for each product are listed in the table below.

Product Debit account balance? Our credit card processing?
ID Protect Yes Yes
SSL certificates Yes No
RichContent Yes No
Business Listing Yes Yes
POP Email Yes No
Web Site Creator Yes No
Web hosting Yes No
DNS hosting Yes Yes
goMobi Yes No


Step 3-Manage the service

For most services, we have built an unbranded control panel that allows a user to configure and use the service. All you need to do in your own Web site is list the services a customer has purchased, and build a link to the control panels. We take care of the rest.

The next chapter includes the API commands you'll work with, and the URL for the control panel for each service.

Step 4-Renew or cancel

In general, services sold on a yearly basis are renewed, and services sold on a monthly basis continue to be active until a customer cancels them.

Use the RenewServices command to renew yearly services. This is the real-time renewal command that complements the PurchaseServices command.

Many services have auto-renewal flags. The commands for setting auto-renew flags are listed under each product in the next chapter.

For monthly services, build in the ability to cancel them using the cancellation commands listed for each service.