Introduction to Value Added Services

Value-added services (VASs) are the features that put a domain name to work-everything from Web site hosting to email to identity protection.

We offer the greatest variety of value-added services in the industry. They are fully integrated into our system: Once you're set up to sell domain names, it's a small step to offer the services to go with them.

This guide helps you do exactly that-it helps you add services to your existing API-based domain-selling Web site.

Why sell services?

Easy question. There are plenty of reasons to sell services:

  • They're a benefit to your customers.
  • They're a profit center for you. Value-added services offer you more pricing flexibility than the highly competitive market for domain names alone.
  • Many of our services are unique to us, or ours is the best version of that service.
  • Once a customer starts using our wide range of services, they're less likely to transfer away.
  • We've done the development work and built the control panels-all you have to do is sell the services and build the pages that allow your customers to access them.

Services in this guide

The services covered in this guide are:

Audience for this guide

This guide is written for domain resellers who have built a domain-selling Web site that uses the Purchase and/or PurchaseServices commands from our API, and that is set up to conduct monetary transactions. If you're not yet at this level of experience, see the reseller pages of our Web site for tips on getting started.

This guide describes the value-added services you can offer, and contains streamlined instructions for selling them using the real-time PurchaseServices command from our API. It also lists the API commands you are most likely to use for managing and renewing each service.


If you use the AddToCart command or our scripts

Resellers who use the AddToCart command to sell domain names can also use that command to sell services. Doing so allows you to continue to submit a customer's entire purchase as a single order, and allows you to use our credit card processing services including our elite fraud protection service.

Resellers who use our ASP or PHP scripts can continue to do so. We will add services to these scripts over time.


Help with implementation

Our technical support staff is here to help! Contact them with questions about adding value-added services to your product line. Check our Web site for contact information.