ID Protect



Registry regulations require that valid contact information be provided for every domain name, and stored in the publicly accessible Whois database. Without identity protection, your customers' contact information is available to anyone, any time.

ID Protect satisfies Registry requirements, without exposing individuals' contact information, by offering a forwarding service. Your customers can be contacted by land mail or email sent to the Whois Privacy Protection Service (WPPS); WPPS forwards the mail to the customer.

WPPS not only protects your customers from identity theft, but also from spam. Several times a year, WPPS generates a new Whois email address for each protected domain, and email sent to previous Whois addresses is bounced. As a result, your customer's real mailbox receives less spam.

For example, Whois shows as your customer's email address, and emails sent to that address automatically forward to your customer's "real" mailbox. A month later, after a harvester has acquired the ID Protect email address and sold it on the open market, a spammer tries sending advertisements, but they bounce because WPPS has assigned your customer a new email address. All this happens with no effort on your part.

ID Protect has no effect on the ownership of or rights to a domain name. Your customers still have complete control of their domain names.


ID Protect can be applied to most domain names, but registry rules prohibit the masking of .us, .ca, .uk, .de, .eu, and some other country-code TLDs. To use our ID Protect product, the domain name must be registered with us or use our DNS hosting, and must use our name servers.

Selling ID Protect with the PurchaseServices command

To sell ID Protect using the PurchaseServices command, use the following input parameters:

Parameter Status Description Max Size
UID Required Account login ID 20
PW Required Account password 20
Service Required For ID Protect, Service=WPPS 15
SLD Required for WPPS Second-level domain name (for example,enom in 63
TLD Required for WPPS Top-level domain name (extension). 15
NumYears Optional for WPPS;default is 1 Number of years to subscribe to ID Protect.Permitted values are 1 to 10. 2
RenewName Optional for WPPS;default is 0 Use RenewName=1 to automatically renew ID Protect 30 days before it expires 1
EmailNotify Optional;default is 0 Permitted values are 0 and 1. 1 sends you an email confirmation when a customer makes a purchase using this command. 1
ResponseType Optional; default is Text Format of response. Permitted values are Text (default), HTML, or XML. 4



Credit card processing for ID Protect

Our credit card processing is available for ID Protect. If you have signed a credit card processing agreement with us and wish to use our credit card processing instead of deducting from your account balance, include the following parameters in addition to those in the table above:

Parameter Status Description Max Size
UseCreditCard Optional overall, but Required for resellers who have a credit card processing agreement with us AND want to use our CC processing to charge this transaction to the credit card included in this query string. Default is no. Available for WPPS. Permitted values are yes and no. The credit card supplied in this query string is charged only if UseCreditCard=yes. If this param is omitted, or if the value supplied is anything other than yes, the account balance rather than the credit card is debited for this transaction. This is true even if the query string includes all the required credit card information. 3
EndUserIP Required for our credit card processing End user's IP address. This is used in fraud checking, as part of our order processing service. Use format NNN.NNN.NNN.NNN. 15
ChargeAmount Required for our CC processing Amount to charge this credit card. Required format is 6
CardType Required for our CC processing Credit card type. Permitted values are Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover 20
CreditCardNumber Required for our CC processing Credit card number 128
CreditCardExpMonth Required for our CC processing Expiration month of the credit card, in format MM 2
CreditCardExpYear Required for our CC processing Expiration year of the credit card, in format YYYY 4
CVV2 Required for our CC processing, if printed on the card Credit card verification value 4
CCName Required for our CC processing Cardholder's name 60
CCAddress Required for our CC processing Credit card billing street address 60
CCCity Optional for our CC processing Credit card billing city 60
CCStateProvince Optional for our CC processing Credit card billing state or province 40
CCCountry Required for our CC processing Credit card billing country. Two-character country code is a permitted format 40
CCZip Required for our CC processing Credit card billing postal code 60
CCPhone Optional for our CC processing Credit card billing phone. Required format is +CountryCode.PhoneNumber, where CountryCode and PhoneNumber use only numeric characters and the + is URL-encoded as a plus sign (%2B). 20



Managing and renewing ID Protect

Once you're set up to sell ID Protect, the following commands help you manage and renew it: