.ASIA Eligibility Requirements

What’s changing

The DotAsia Organisation, the Registry that administers the .ASIA TLD, has made changes to its domain name registration system.

NOTE: The changes are backward compatible, so will not cause errors on your Web site. However, they benefit your customers by providing greater flexibility in meeting .ASIA eligibility requirements.

Registrations of .ASIA domains must now satisfy at least one of the following eligibility requirements:

  • The Registrant contact information must include the same extended attributes as currently, or
  • The Administrative contact address must have a postal address within the DotAsia Community.

The purpose of this document is to provide you an overview of the affected API commands, and a list of countries and country codes that satisfy the DotAsia Community eligibility criteria.

Timeline and test environment

We will release the .asia changes to our test environment on November 24, 2010. You can test changes on resellertest.enom.com. Changes will release to our production system approximately 12:00 noon PST on December 8, 2010.

Audience for this document

This document is a guide for API resellers who already offer .ASIA, and need to make changes to functionality that already exists on their system.

Where the changes apply

CIR’s changes affect the following API commands:

API command Nature of changes
Contacts For an existing domain name, either supply .ASIA extended attributes or supply an Asian mailing address for the Administrative contact. You can use the GetExtAttributes command to retrieve the extended attributes and to populate a country dropdown menu for the Administrative contact address.
GetExtAttributes For registrations and contact updates, retrieve .ASIA extended attributes, and retrieve country codes for the Administrative contact mailing address.
Preconfigure For registrations in our shopping cart, specify eligibility for a .ASIA domain name: either an Asian Registrant, or an Asian mailing address for the Administrative contact.
Purchase For real-time registrations, specify eligibility for a .ASIA domain name: either an Asian Registrant, or an Asian mailing address for the Administrative contact.


.ASIA-approved countries

The following table lists countries approved by the .ASIA registry.

If the domain name registration or contact update does not include preconfiguration with extended attributes for the Registrant, the Administrative contact must have a mailing address in one of the following countries:

Country Code Country
ae United Arab Emirates
af Afghanistan
am Armenia
aq Antarctica
au Australia
az Azerbaijan
bd Bangladesh
bh Bahrain
bn Brunei Darussalam
bt Bhutan
cc Cocos (Keeling)
ck Cook Islands
cn China
cx Christmas Island
cy Cyprus
fj Fiji
fm Micronesia, Federated
ge Georgia
hk Hong Kong
hm Heard
id Indonesia
il Israel
in India
iq Iraq
jo Jordan
jp Japan
kg Kyrgyzstan
kh Cambodia
ki Kiribati
kr Korea, Republic of
kw Kuwait
kz Kazakhstan
la Lao People's Democratic
lb Lebanon
lk Sri Lanka
mh Marshall Islands
mm Myanmar
mn Mongolia
mo Macao
mv Maldives
my Malaysia
nf Norfolk Island
np Nepal
nr Nauru
nu Niue
nz New Zealand
om Oman
pg Papua New Guinea
ph Philippines
pk Pakistan
ps Palestinian Territories
pw Palau
qa Qatar
sa Saudi Arabia
sb Solomon Islands
sg Singapore
th Thailand
tj Tajikistan
tk Tokelau
tl Timor-Leste
tm Turkmenistan
to Tonga
tr Turkey
tv Tuvalu
tw Taiwan
uz Uzbekistan
vn Viet Nam
vu Vanuatu
ws Samoa
ye Yemen