Retrieve information on a transfer order.


Use this command to retrieve information on a transfer order— a request originated by you to transfer a name into your account.

This command differs from the TP_GetOrderDetail command in that TP_GetOrderDetail retrieves a larger set of information, including the status of the order and detailed contact information.


All resellers have access to this command.

Implementation on

This command is not implemented on


The query must meet the following requirements:

  • The login ID and password must be valid.
  • The transfer order must have originated from this account.

Input parameters

Build the query string using this syntax:
command=nameofcommand&uid=yourloginid&pw=yourpassword &paramname=paramvalue &nextparamname=nextparamvalue


Parameter Status Description Max Size
UID Required Account login ID 20
PW Required Account password 20
TransferOrderID Required Order ID number that was returned when you originated your transfer. You can also retrieve this number using the TP_GetOrderStatuses command. 7
OrderType Required Permitted value is Transfer 8
ResponseType Optional Format of response. Permitted values are Text (default), HTML, or XML. 4


Returned parameters and values

Parameter Description
TransferOrderID ID number of the transfer order
OrderType Type of the order
TransferOrderDetailID Transfer order detail ID number, from our records
SLD Second-level domain name (for example, enom in
TLD Top-level domain name (extension)
Price Price that will be charged to this account if the transfer is successful
Lock Registrar lock setting that was specified in the transfer order
Renew Auto-renew setting that was specifie d in the transfer order
DomainPassword Domain password, if one was specified in the transfer order
UseContacts Use this account’s default contacts
AuthInfo EPP Key associated with this domain. Some TLDs require this code to authorize a transfer
RRProcessor RRProcessor we use
TransferOrderDetailCount Number of domain names in this order
TransferTotalPrice Total charges if all domains in this order transfer successfully
AuthInfoStillRequired Yes indicates we have not yet received the EPP key (authorization code) for at least one domain in this order. If you use the TP_CreateOrder command to begin an order, then allow customers to supply authorization codes on a separate page before using TP_SubmitOrder, you would use this value to determine whether to display the auth code page.
Command Name of command executed
ErrCount The number of errors if any occurred. If greater than 0, check the Err(1 to ErrCount) values.
ErrX Error messages explaining the failure. These can be presented as-is back to the client.
Done True indicates this entire response has reached you successfully.



  • The default response format is plain text. To receive the response in HTML or XML format, send ResponseType=HTML or ResponseType=XML in your request.
  • Check the return parameter ErrCount. If greater than 0 the transaction failed. The parameter Err(ErrCount) can be presented to the client. Otherwise process the returned parameters as defined above.