Set the threshold at which you want to require payment for Premium Domains by wire transfer to us.


Use this command to set the threshold price above which you want to always pay your Premium Domains order by wire transfer. You can use this setting as a means of ensuring that orders don’t fail due to an insufficient account balance.

You also have the option of deferring payment at lower price levels, using the UseWireTransfer parameter in the Purchase or InsertNewOrder commands.

The account-level deferred payment threshold that you set with the NM_SetPremiumDomainSettings command applies in the following ways:

  • If you use the Purchase command to purchase domain names, the threshold applies to the price of thesingle Premium Domain in the query string.
  • If you use AddToCart and InsertNewOrder to purchase domain names, the threshold applies to the sumof the Premium Domains, plus the services attached to them, in an order.

There are a few considerations within our system to be aware of, to guide you in choosing a threshold for deferredpayment:

  • We place a limit on orders that use our merchant services to process credit cards. If you normally use our merchant services and want to offer your customers Premium Domains over that limit in value, you must establish a system to pay us, and to charge your customers, that is outside our merchant services environment. The lower the wire transfer threshold you choose, the more likely you are to need this system.
  • When you’re ready to submit your deferred payment, use the NM_ProcessOrder command to completethe order using your account balance, or contact your sales representative for wire transfer instructions.


Premium Domains can only be sold by our direct ETP resellers.

Implementation on eNom.com

This command is not implemented on enom.com.


The query must meet the following requirements:

  • The login ID and password must be valid.

Input parameters

Build the query string using this syntax:



Parameter Status Description Max Size
UID Required Account login ID 20
PW Required Account password 20
WireTransferThreshold Optional; default is 5000 Threshold at or above which you want to always pay for your Premium Domain order by wire transfer. See Usage section for more information. Permitted values are in DD or DD.cc format 14
ResponseType Optional Format of response. Permitted values are Text (default), HTML, or XML. 4


Returned parameters and values

Parameter Description
Status Success status of this query string
Command Name of command executed
ErrCount The number of errors if any occurred. If greater than 0 check the Err(1 to ErrCount) values.
ErrX Error messages explaining the failure. These can be presented as is back to the client.
Done True indicates this entire response has reached you successfully.



  • The default response format is plain text. To receive the response in HTML or XML format, send ResponseType=HTML or ResponseType=XML in your request.
  • Check the return parameter ErrCount. If greater than 0 the transaction failed. The parameter Err(ErrCount) can be presented to the client. Otherwise process the returned parameters as defined above.