Retrieve global preferences for an account.


Use this command to retrieve global preferences for an account.


All resellers have access to this command.

Implementation on

Log on to with Login ID resellid, password resellpw.

On the settings page, many of the settings shown can be retrieved using GetCusPreferences.


The query must meet the following requirements:

  • The login ID and password must be valid.
  • The domain name must belong to this account.

Input parameters

Build the query string using this syntax:


Parameter Status Description Max Size
UID Required Account login ID 20
PW Required Account password 20
ResellerKey Optional Reseller EC key for this Instant Reseller or Registry Rocket site, if different from this UID 40
ResellerStatus Optional ResellerStatus=1 retrieves information about Registry Rocket sites and reseller balances 1
ResponseType Optional Format of response. Permitted values are Text (default), HTML, or XML. 4


Returned parameters and values

Parameter Description
DefPeriod Default period for registrations, renewals, and transfers, in years
AllowDNS True allows name servers other than eNom’s
ShowPopUps True shows pop-up menus
AutoRenew True automatically renews the domain 30 days before it expires
RegLock True requires the account holder’s permission to transfer the domain to another registrar
AutoPakRenew True automatically renews POP paks 30 days before they expire.
UseDNS True uses eNom’s name servers
ResellerStatus Is this a reseller account.
RenewalSetting 0 indicates no email; 1 indicates send notice; 2 indicates contact and charge customer
RenewalBCC 1 indicates send copy of email to reseller; 0 indicates no copy to reseller
RenewalURLForward True automatically renews URL forwarding 30 days before the URL forwarding subscription expires.
RenewalEMailForward True automatically renews email forwarding 30 days before the email forwarding subscription expires.
HostName Name of this default host record
Address Address of this default host record
RecordType Record type of this default host record
DefaultHostRecordOwn Is this account using its own set of default host records?
UseOurDNS Does this account use eNom’s DNS servers by default?
DNSX Default DNS server X for this domain name account
AcceptTerms True indicates this account has signed a credit-card processing agreement with us
URL URL for reseller site listed in email notices
ParentAccount This account’s parent
NoService Service status
BulkRegLimit Maximum number of names this account can register in a single query
ResellerKey Reseller key for this Registry Rocket site
HostPrice Price this Registry Rocket account charges for DNS hosting
CCPrice Price this Registry Rocket account charges for .cc
InfoPrice Price this Registry Rocket account charges for .info
PictureURL URL of image file used in this Registry Rocket site
ContactEmail Contact email address for this Registry Rocket account
CompanyName Company name for this Registry Rocket account
Referrer Referrer for this Registry Rocket account
Balance Current balance for this reseller account
BalanceThreshold Balance threshold for this reseller account
Price Wholesale price this account pays for .com
CCPrice Wholesale price this account pays for .cc
AvailableBalance Available balance for this account
ResCustomerPrice ?
CommissionBalance Current commission balance for this account
NotifyAmount Send a notification email to the Billing contact for this account when available balance drops below this amount
Command Name of command executed
ErrCount The number of errors if any occurred. If greater than 0 check the Err(1 to ErrCount) values.
ErrX Error messages explaining the failure. These can be presented as is back to the client.
Done True indicates this entire response has reached you successfully.



  • The default response format is plain text. To receive the response in HTML or XML format, send ResponseType=HTML or ResponseType=XML in your request.
  • Check the return parameter ErrCount. If greater than 0 the transaction failed. The parameter Err(ErrCount) can be presented to the client. Otherwise process the returned parameters as defined above.