List Web hosting accounts that have logged bandwidth overages, the nature and amount of the overages, and the amount we have charged you for each overage.


Use this command if you are a reseller who does your own billing. This command lists fees we have charged you, for overages accrued by you or your Web hosting customers. We return information identified by Web hosting account name. You as a reseller must use your own database to link that Web hosting account name to payment information.


All resellers have access to this command.

Implementation on eNom.com

Log on to resellertest.enom.com with Login ID resellid, password resellpw.


The Current usage bars indicate overages for the current billing cycle.


The query must meet the following requirements:

  • The login ID and password must be valid.

Input parameters

Build the query string using this syntax:

command=nameofcommand&uid=yourloginid&pw=yourpassword &paramname=paramvalue&nextparamname=nextparamvalue

Parameter Status Description Max Size
UID Required Account login ID 20
PW Required Account password 20
SinceDate Required Date for start of overage scan. Required format is MM/DD/YYYY 10
ResponseType Optional Format of response. Options are Text (default), HTML, or XML. 4


Returned parameters and values

Parameter Description
Responses in HTML or text format are numbered, X=1 to OverageCount
Web hosting account ID number, from our internal records
DescriptionX Web hosting account name, and nature of the overage. For accounts that have opted for a per-GB overage protection fee, the description also states the amount of the overage.
BillDateX Date on which we originally billed you for this overage
AmountX Amount we billed you for this overage
ProdTypeX Product number for this type of overage:
56 This account opted for overage protection, which pays a per-GB fee for bandwidth overages
57 This account upgraded to a higher bandwidth limit during this billing cycle. We calculate the per-GB fee and the extra cost of the upgrade, compare the two, and charge you the lower amount.
UnitsX Amount of the overage. Each unit is 1GB.
OverageCount Number of overages listed in this response
Command Name of command executed
Language Language of this API response
ErrCount The number of errors if any occurred. If greater than 0 check the Err(1 to ErrCount) values.
Err(x) Error messages explaining the failure. These can be presented as is back to the client
Done True indicates this entire response has reached you successfully



  • The default response format is plain text. To receive the response in HTML or XML format, send ResponseType=HTML or ResponseType=XML in your request.
  • Check the return parameter ErrCount. If greater than 0 the transaction failed. The parameterErr(ErrCount) can be presented to the client. Otherwise process the returned parameters as defined above.