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Web Site Creator FAQs

What is Web Site Creator?

Web Site Creator is a web site creation tool that allows you to build a web site quickly and easily. Buy it, fill in the blanks, and publish—that"s about all it takes.

What kinds of features does Web Site Creator offer?

Even the most basic version of Web Site Creator offers multiple templates, Flash intro, a visitor counter, and more. More advanced versions offer a long list of features that include SEO tools, media albums, blogging, and map generation.

Does Web Site Creator require design or computer coding skills?

Web Site Creator"s templates and wizard allow you to create a professional-looking site without design or computer coding skills.

How do I find the right Web Site Creator package for my new web site?

What do you hope to achieve with your new site? Each WSC package has a different set of features . For example, if you're planning on selling products or services select the eCommerce package. Not selling anything online? Try our Web Site Creator Full package that offers a wide variety of features and templates. To compare features in different Web Site Creator packages, hover on "Hosting", click "Web Site Creator", and then click "Compare".

I need to make frequent updates to the content on my web site. Does Web Site Creator allow me to easily update my content in real time?

Web Site Creator makes it easy to update, review and publish changes within a matter of minutes.

Does the Web Site Creator eCommerce package support credit card payments?

Web Site Creator supports PayPal, which may allow you to accept credit cards. The other payment options available with the eCommerce package are billing your customer, or shipping your product with payment on delivery.

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To use Web Site Creator, do I have to have a domain name registered with you?

Yes, at the time you purchase Web Site Creator you must purchase a domain, transfer a domain to us, or identify a domain registered or hosted by us.

To use Web Site Creator, do I have to subscribe to your Web Hosting?

You can subscribe to Web Site Creator either as part of Web Hosting or as a standalone product.

If I purchase Web Site Creator and a domain name, do I need to purchase anything else to get my web site up and running?

All you need is your domain name and Web Site Creator.

Can I use my Web Site Creator account with multiple domains?

Web Site Creator accounts are tied to a specific domain. If you would like many domains to point to the site you"ve built with Web Site Creator, you can purchase Web Site Creator for one domain then set the other domains" host records to URL Forward to the first domain so they are all displaying the same Web Site Creator content.

Can I FTP or use my own HTML code with Web Site Creator?

No. Web Site Creator is a wizard-based web site builder and does not support code created outside the wizard.

Is it possible to display movies and Flash animations on my site?

For all Web Site Creator accounts, you can choose from several available Flash intros to place on your site. All accounts except for Lite also allow you to upload your own movies and to create your own Flash animations using the built-in editor.

Can I use my own DNS with Web Site Creator?

No, Web Site Creator is only available to customers using our name servers. If your domain is registered elsewhere and you would like to use Web Site Creator, you can either transfer your domain to us or purchase DNS Hosting.

How do I change the font for my Web Site Creator site?

To launch Web Site Creator, log in and click "My Account". In the "Manage Services" section find "Web Site Creator" and click "Manage". Click the Web Site Creator account you want to manage. Click "Edit My Website".

Once you have chosen a template, the font options for that template are available on the "Customize Design" tab of the setup wizard.

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How do I improve my ranking in search engines for my Web Site Creator site?

Log in and click "My Account". In the "Manage Services" section find "Web Site Creator" and click "Manage". Click the Web Site Creator account you want to manage. Click "Edit My Website".

On the "Manage Pages" tab, use the "Search engine settings" section to designate a home page and show or hide pages. On the "Settings" tab, click the "SEO Options" menu item to enter meta data and designate a site map and tracking code.

Adding our Business Listings service will showcase your web site on WhoisBusinessListings.com, which can help to increase your search engine ranking.

How do I get my Web Site Creator site to appear in search engines?

In a search engine, search on "submit URL to [search engine name]". Click through to the URL submission page of each search engine in which you want to appear.

Why won't Web Site Creator launch?

If your browser or toolbar has a popup blocker activated, it prevents the Web Site Creator window from opening. In addition to settings you may knowingly have configured, there are several browsers and toolbars that block popups by default; you must turn off the popup blocker to access Web Site Creator.

Rarely, some operating system and browser combinations may not be compatible with Web Site Creator.

How do I set up RichContent for my WSC web site?

WSC automates everything for the RichContent set-up, so there is no need to go to your RichContent (RC) control panel to copy widget code. Instead, go to WSC to set up the RC, as follows:

  1. Have an active RC for the WSC domain name prior to login to WSC control panel.
  2. Create your site with one page set for the RC related content. The page must contain enough content (at least 1-2 paragraphs) for RC to scan and determine the appropriate context.
  3. Go to section 4, "Manage Pages" and highlight your RichContent page in the "Your Pages" section.
  4. Highlight the RichContent page, click on "Page Properties" in the menu on the left margin, and choose "Page type".
  5. Scroll down the list to the end and choose "RichContent". You can name the page as well if desired.
  6. Save and don't forget to add the 1-2 paragraph (minimum) text to the RichContent page so that the related content articles and videos will be appropriate.

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