eNom, Inc. Trademark and Branding Guidelines

eNom, Inc. is a domain name registrar and offers technology services. The eNom brand name and logo are owned solely by eNom, Inc. and their use is limited to eNom and its licensed customers.

Who may use the eNom Trademark

The use of the eNom trademark and logo is restricted to officially licensed customers of eNom, Inc. and may only be used for specific purposes authorized by eNom.


  • eNom® hosting services
  • eNom® products
  • eNom® technology
  • Club Drop™ program and services
  • Drop Shark™ software
  • Name Services™


The use of eNom logos is restricted to official licensed resellers or other customers of eNom® services. High-resolution versions of the official logos may be requested by emailing or may be included in branding packages that are delivered to customers. The branding guidelines included in these branding packages define how the official logos may be used and displayed.

Guidelines for trademark use:

Do not use the trademark in a generic fashion
Use the trademark as an adjective
Never modify or alter the trademark
Use proper trademark attribution
Do not use the eNom trademark in the names of your products or services

Partners must adhere to the following guidelines when using any eNom trademark or logo:

eNom® is a trademark identifying a brand of registration and technology services produced by eNom, Inc. When using the eNom trademark, the generic name of the products identified by the trademark should immediately follow the trademark.


  • eNom® technology
  • eNom® registration services

Never modify or alter the trademark.

The eNom trademark is a brand name that is spelled in a special way with distinctive capitalization. Never make the trademark possessive, change the spelling, insert hyphens, make one word into two or make the trademark plural. The eNom trademark is properly spelled "eNom" with a lower case "e", a capital "N" a lowercase "o" and "m." The capitalization is part of the trademark.


  • eNom® should never be changed to a possessive like "eNom's". Do not include phrases like "eNom's quality is unmatched!" Instead say "The quality of eNom® registration services is unmatched!"
  • eNom® should never be spelled "Enom," "e-Nom," "enom," or "ENOM" or some other variation that is not the correct spelling.

Use proper trademark attribution.

Your use of the eNom trademark must always be accompanied by the proper symbols and attribution. A trademark symbol is included for all prominent use of the mark, e.g., on labels, packaging, promotional brochures, data sheets, press releases and advertisement headlines, except where space or style criteria prevent compliance with this includement. The proper trademark symbol for the eNom trademark is ® (superscript "(R)"). If you cannot use the special character symbol for some reason, a text replacement will suffice. (E.g., "eNom(R)" instead of "eNom®.")

In addition to using the trademark symbol, you must always include the following trademark attribution on your product packaging, product documentation or other location where legal notices are displayed: eNom and the eNom logo are registered trademarks of eNom, Inc.

Do not use the eNom trademark in the names of your products or services.

The eNom trademark may not be used in your product or service names. For example, you may not call your product the "eNom Player."

Changes to these guidelines

eNom reserves the right in its sole discretion to modify these guidelines at any time. eNom reserves the right to take action against any use that does not conform to these guidelines.

Guidelines for images and graphical content

If any graphical representation of trademarks are being used including Logos, this guideline should be precisely followed (unless with written permission from eNom Inc.):

  • A Logo or Mark should not be displayed in a size so small that any design feature of the mark is lost and should appear in exactly the same spatial relationships as set forth in the graphics samples provided by eNom. A Logo or Mark should appear in a reasonable size, and should have a minimum amount of space on either side that equals 1/2 its height.
  • Logos or Marks should be consistent, undistorted and clear.
  • Logos or Marks may be scaled down but not up from any rasterized images provided by eNom.
  • Do not rotate, skew, redraw, re-proportion, reproduce in 3D, or alter the elements in any way.
  • Do not separate or display any of the elements in isolation.
  • If using a Gif a minimum of 16 colors should be used in its palette dedicated to the Logo.
  • If using a JPEG it may not be compressed beyond 40% from the original provided by eNom Inc
  • Do not modify any of the color palette.
  • Colors should be as such:
  • For monochomatic documents:

    Black on light
    White on dark

    Web On White:

    White: #FFFFFF
    Blue: #345699
    Gold: #FFC000

    Web on dark blue:

    dark Blue: #345699
    White: #FFFFFF
    Gold: #FFC000


    Blue coated: PMS 281c
    Blue uncoated: PMS 280u
    Gold coated: PMS 131c
    Gold uncoated: PMS 124u
  • If the background colors differ from the palette provided please use a 1 to 4 pixel black border around the recommended background color depending on resolution.

Further questions

If you have any questions about how to use our trademarks, please contact:

eNom, Inc. Trademarks
15801 NE 24th St.
Bellevue, WA 98008 USA