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Web Site Creator

Web Site Creator makes it easy for anyone to create professional looking websites in just a few minutes. Customers just select a template and complete a simple wizard to set it up. Your support costs are kept extremely low thanks to the ease of use. Multiple versions are available to cater to a small local business or someone launching their own online storefront.

As low as  $2.85/mo
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Why Sell Web Site Creator?

  • Increase conversions.
    Cater to an audience searching for an easy, low cost website solution.
  • Build new customer relationships.
    Customers that host with you are more likely to provide future business.
  • Save on support and maintenance costs.
    We power the service and the easy to use wizard keeps your phone support lines open.
  • Attract customers with a free trial.
    Customers can demo a free lite version of Web Site Creator with each domain purchase.
  • Increase margins while building value.
    Web Site Creator can be used in tandem with domain names and other products to offer an all-in-one website bundle.


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