RichContent is an easy-to-use widget that can go on any site. The widget scans the site and instantly displays related articles and videos on the site the widget is on. Customers that buy this product realize how easy it is to build a long-term audience by effortlessly providing content their visitors enjoy.

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Why Sell RichContent?

  • Keep customer sites fresh to keep customers active.
    Sites that stagnate are often abandoned, resulting in lost business for you.
  • Save overhead costs.
    It's easy for customers to setup RichContent in minutes without your help.
  • Crush your competition.
    RichContent is only available through eNom, so most competitors can't offer it.
  • Acquire new customers.
    A free 30-day trial makes it easier to acquire new customers by including it with other offers and deals.
  • Target specific customer segments.
    Cater towards websites that need specialty content such as psychologists, medical doctors, health and lifestyle, etc.


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