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Am I required to join Afternic to sell names through the Domain Listing Service (DLS)?

Yes. Membership is free. Visit to get started; it takes 90 seconds to register.

What is “Instant Transfer” and how does this help to get my names sold faster?

“Instant Transfer” is a unique feature of Afternic DLS Premium promotion. “Instant Transfer” helps to drive purchasing behavior by “retail” buyers—the business owners and entrepreneurs who pay top dollar for aftermarket domains. These buyers want to leverage their domain investment immediately; because “Instant Transfer” offers that business advantage, you can sell for a premium to highly motivated buyers ready to develop a business concept.

And, while the buyer enjoys the convenience of “Instant Transfer”, you still enjoy all of the normal protections of Afternic’s Secure Escrow process, as names are only “Instant Transfer” eligible for transfers between accounts at DLS Premium registrars.

How are DLS Premium names marketed?

Names listed for sale will have a “This Domain for Sale” link appear: this drives direct inquiries from interested buyers. Afternic DLS Premium listed domains appear in searches across all partner sites within the entire Afternic network. As new partners are added, your reach will continue to expand. In addition selected names are promoted via emails, newsletters and advertising. Your dedicated sales representative will also aggressively work on your behalf to promote listings.

Am I obligated to price my domains if I list on Afternic DLS?

There are two levels of Afternic DLS promotion: DLS Premium, which gives you access to the full network, and DLS Network. You are required to price your names in order to elect DLS Premium promotion and it is strongly suggested for DLS Network listings as effectively pricing names is the single biggest driver of sales. Keep in mind that only DLS Premium listings appear on the world’s largest premium partner sites.

What is Afternic DLS Premium and how much are the sales fees for listing names?

Afternic DLS Premium is the world’s largest domain marketplace, with more than 22 global partners—including top resellers—listing through DLS Premium gains you exposure to as many as 35 million prospective buyers each month. Learn more about fees and conditions, visit:

If I list on Afternic DLS does it have to be an exclusive listing?

No, you are not obligated to list exclusively with Afternic in order to elect DLS Premium promotion for your listed domains. However, having one central point to list and manage your names, and through the DLS you have unmatched reach. As we describe DLS: “List Once. Sell Everywhere.”

How will I know how to get in touch with my dedicated sales representative?

Once you sign up for Afternic and list your names through DLS, you will receive an outreach email with full contact details. Your representative is available to consult with you on pricing strategies across your portfolio, to review specific names and to explain your My Afternic domain management tool set.

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Managing your listed domains

I transferred my domains to my account, why aren’t they Listed for Sale?

Before a domain is listed for sale you must Opt In the domain. It may take a few hours after the domain has been transferred to your account before it is ready to Opt In. You’ll receive a notice to the Admin-C email address, and it will also be posted in the Opt In page of your Premium Listing manager when it is ready for Opt In.

Can I make changes to my Contact information on my premium domain?

No, to ensure protection of your premium domains, you must first Opt Out of the DLS Premium promotion program.

I’ve Opted Out of the program, how do I Opt In again?

Once a domain is Opted Out, you must return to your account at and add the domain in again there.

Where do I find out how much I made on my sale?

You can only get your commissions from your account at

Can I push this domain into another account?

In order to push a domain, you will first have to Opt Out of DLS Premium promotion, then push the domain, then return to Afternic and add the domain into DLS Premium promotion again.

How long after I Opt In to the program will it take for my domains to be available for sale in the marketplace?

This will happen almost instantly. You can do a domain search for the domain to see if it is available and at the price you listed with Afternic.

How do I make my domain more visible that it is for sale?

A great way to do this would be to add Business Listing to your domain, where you can customize the sales message and it will be immediately entered into our exclusive listing service at

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