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Sep 3 2015

See how major brands like Apple are using .NEWS domains

You don’t have to be a media corporation, full-time blogger or journalist to register a .NEWS domain extension. That’s the beauty of it. .NEWS is anyone’s gateway to sharing content with the world. Take big non-media related brands like Apple and T-Mobile
Sep 2 2015

New domain extension launch dates: August 31 - September 13, 2015

On Wednesday, September 2nd, .FYI and .MBA enter general availability, which means they become available for immediate registration. The following week, .SKI also enters general availability. That occurs on Tuesday, September 8th.
Aug 19 2015

New domain extension launch dates: August 17 - 30, 2015

On Tuesday, August 18th, .LIVE and .STUDIO become available to pre-register, and also become available to register in Sunrise, a launch phase dedicated to those who hold trademarks. The following day, EAP opens for .MOVIE, .COUPONS and more.
Aug 13 2015

Here's a free .NEWS domain (& how to use it)

Are you signed up for a direct Enom reseller account? That means we're giving you 1 free .NEWS web address of your choice!* Simply use promo code FREENEWS at checkout to redeem this offer.
Aug 13 2015

Domain news, facts & stats - August 2015

Did you know Enom now offers more than 500 domains through our website, API, WHMCS and storefront?! And when searching for new, “refreshing” web addresses, you’ll now see .BEER and .WINE domains? (pun intended). Find our more news →
Aug 11 2015

More than 1 million previously unavailable web addresses are being released

Donuts, one of the largest new domain registries, has begun releasing 1.369 million previously reserved web addresses spread across 144 new domain extensions like .DEALS, .GURU, .MOVIE and .PHOTOS.
Aug 5 2015

New domain extension launch dates: August 3 - 16, 2015

Pre-registration and Sunrise for Trademark Holders begins for the .RENT domain on Monday, August 3rd. On Wednesday, August 5th, .ACCOUNTANT, .DOWNLOAD, .LOAN, .RACING, .TECH and .WIN enter general availability. Six more new domains launch the following we
Aug 5 2015

Our new API check query call is live

There’s nothing more exciting to our engineers and tech folks (yep, pretty much all of us) than making improvements to our API calls. And we’re giddy about this one.
Jul 22 2015

New domain extension launch dates: July 20 - August 2, 2015

Priority placement for early access begins for .JEWELRY, .SHOW and .TEAM on Wednesday, July 22nd. The following week, .TECH enters early access and 8 other new domains launch in general availability.
Jul 15 2015

We’ve integrated with Sedo's domain marketplace, a network to sell domains

Give a warm welcome to Sedo, our newest partner! Sedo provides a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of domain names. As an Enom customer you can now create an account with Sedo at and list your domains with them.
Jul 15 2015

Put ‘increased sales’ in your headlines with .NEWS

We’ve got some .NEWS we think you’re going to find interesting and potentially lucrative. Our newest hot-off-the-presses domain just launched today in general availability! That means it's finally open to the general public, at standard prices.
Jul 15 2015

New Enom domain namespinner released in WHMCS version 6.0

Domains are like gambling. Your customers search for names on your platform and cross their fingers in hope that they’re available. If they’re not, is it the end of the world? Not anymore. WHMCS just released version 6.0, which includes ...
Jul 10 2015

Google ranks your site based on this criteria

Google's popularity is a reflection of its aim to provide the best possible user experience. Today, that means a secure experience, which is why Google now boosts a site's SEO ranking if it secures the entire user session by HTTPS.
Jul 7 2015

New domain extension launch dates: July 6 - 19, 2015

Priority placement for early access begins for .NEWS, .SITE, .CAFE and EXPRESS on Wednesday, July 8th. That same day, .GOLD, .GOLF, .PLUS and .TOURS enter general availability. The following week, 4 more new domains launch in general availability.

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