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Sep 16 2014

Our New Website Builder is Here

How many times have you thought about building your very own website?If you’re anything like me, you probably just ran out of fingers and toes trying to count. Yes, we know it’s hard to create a Webby Award winning website. There are many hurdles, es...
Sep 15 2014

26 New TLD Launch Dates

Over the next two weeks, 26 new domain extensions will enter new launch phases including .BEER, .COUNTRY, .SOY and .VEGAS. Check out the full list and keep coming back to our blog each week for more launch dates!
Sep 11 2014

How to Increase New TLD Sales

These days, trying to get customers to purchase your services has grown more complex by the minute - not to mention, it’s expensive to get them in your door in the first place. So as customers aimlessly click-through your website looking for the perf...
Sep 9 2014

2 Weeks of New TLD Launch Dates

Over the next two weeks, 33 new domain extensions will enter a new launch phase, including .ENGINEER, .PARIS, .REPUBLICAN and .WEBSITE. Check out the full list!
Sep 5 2014

September Newsletter: How to Sell Domains for Top Dollar

Not all domains are created equal. Premium domains are high-priced, prime pieces of online real estate that will attract top domain investors, online entrepreneurs and global brands. And selling domains in demand gives you the opportunity to earn more.
Sep 4 2014

How to Use a New Domain as Your LinkedIn Web Address

LinkedIn is all about making connections, being found, and personal branding is imperative! So why do you still have that clunky, coded web address assigned by LinkedIn? Make it easier to connect online - personalize your name with a new domain like...
Sep 2 2014

New TLD Launch Dates To Keep You On Track

Our goal is to make sure we keep you on track with new domain extension launch dates, so we post a blog at the beginning of every week with all the information you need. Are you ready to find out what new TLDs launch September 1st through 12th?
Aug 26 2014

Upcoming New TLD Launches: Choosing the Right Domain Name

A domain name is much more than an address. An address tells you how to find something. A domain tells you what that thing is about. With new TLDs, your customers can tailor their online identity to match their mission, business, brand, and personality.
Aug 21 2014

Important Notice: 2 Major .EU Changes

We want to notify you about two important updates the .EU registry is making to their registration platform as well as the .EU domain lifecycle that will have an impact on you and your clients.
Aug 19 2014

3 Very Cool, Not-so-Obvious Ways to Use New TLDs

New domain extensions are more than just a web address, they're about branding who you are and how you want to be perceived online. We've done some thinking outside the box and have come up with 3 ways you can use new TLDs to their full potential
Aug 18 2014

A Plethora of New TLD Launch Dates

Over the next two weeks, 26 new domain extensions will launch in different phases. A few include .FITNESS, .MARKET, .MORTGAGE, and .PIZZA. Check out the other 22 - some involve money while others go global...
Aug 12 2014

How Google Is Helping You Grow Your SSL Sales

In case you haven’t already seen, there was some pretty big news regarding SSL in the marketing world last week. It’s not often that you get SEO tips from Google, but their recent announcement that SSL certificates will have a direct impact on SEO ranking
Aug 12 2014

Atten-Hut! 27 New TLD Launch Dates

We want to take a moment to honor and thank all the men and women who serve our country by featuring the .AIRFORCE, .ARMY, .NAVY and .VET domain extensions in this week's new TLD release schedule. They launch in both Sunrise and pre-registration today
Aug 8 2014

August Newsletter: New Website Builder Coming Soon

As we finalize the finishing touches of our new website builder, we're excited to say that getting online will never be easier. Your customers can create a professional website in 3 simple steps: choose a template, add content, and publish.

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