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Jul 28 2014

The Next 2 Weeks of New TLD Launches: Share the Love

You’re in the Internet industry. You know what’s current, what’s happening. You know that new domain extensions exist. The big question is, do your customers? We have marketing materials that will make promoting new TLDs easier than ever.
Jul 23 2014

Next Week's New TLD Launches: 7.28 - 8.1

Next week, 13 new domain extensions will launch in either pre-registration, priority placement for early access or general availability. A few include .ATTORNEY, .BERLIN, .FINANCIAL, and .WTF. Click the link for the entire list.
Jul 21 2014

New TLD Launches: 7.21 - 7.25

Just this week, 17 new domain extensions will launch in different phases. A few include .ASSOCIATES, .CONSULTING, .DEALS, and .PICTURES. Look inside for the full list!
Jul 18 2014

Email Survey: The Outcomes

A few weeks ago we asked for feedback on the features you’d like to see in our new email service that’s coming soon. We want to thank everyone who took the time to fill out the survey - your responses helped us out immensely. We’re also very appreciative
Jul 15 2014

New TLDs Up Next on the Menu

Every week, new domain extensions are being dished up in multiple flavors. Choose to scoop up new domains before they go live in pre-registration or select a domain that's available now to explain what your website is all about. So make sure you sta...
Jul 15 2014

New TLDs Turn Up the Heat

There's no sluggish summer for new TLDs here - we're bringing the heat instead. Over the next 2 weeks of July, 30 new domain extensions will enter a new launch phase, with many more coming in August. Check out the lineup! New Extensions Launching th...
Jul 3 2014

July News: New TLDs Hit a Milestone and More!

Check out these top four topics of July, including the celebration of a new TLD milestone, .UK right-of-registration, and translated emails for RAA. Also, if you haven't taken our email service survey, today is the last day!
Jun 27 2014

June News: Top 3 Topics this Month

As we wrap up the month of June, we'd like to share what's been trending at eNom. First and foremost, we're revamping our email service soon, and we've asked for your feedback on the new features we are considering. If you haven't alre
Jun 26 2014

Scary Stats about Internet Security

When you open up your credit card statement, you see a $15,000 balance for services purchased in Recife, Brazil -- a city you’ve never even heard of until the World Cup. Think it couldn’t happen to you?Identity theft and Internet security threats are...
Jun 23 2014

Rate the New Email Features You Want to Have

Great news, within the next few months, we will be launching a new, improved email service that you’re sure to love. We’d like to know a little more about the email features you’d like to see. Such as:How often do you want to pay for the service?How ...
Jun 19 2014

Cheers to New Delicious .PUB Domains, At Standard Prices

Next month, a new mix of names are being brewed up with the upcoming launch of the new .PUB domain extension. Nearly 25 million people search for “pub” every month, making .PUB an easy way for customers to find the one they’re looking for online.&nbs...
Jun 12 2014

Introducing the New .UK Domain

So what is .UK? It’s the newest product in the .UK domain family for all the online pioneers in the United Kingdom that want a shorter domain. .UK domains are a well established and trusted element of the UK Internet infrastructure with 4 in 5 p...
Jun 5 2014

You Asked, We Listened: New Features!

Let’s band together. When we collaborate and share knowledge, information and ideas, we guide each other forward. So we want to thank you for all your comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism - we’ve taken it to heart.
Apr 25 2014

Claim the Most Sought-After Domains First

Early access is the best way to claim the most sought after names. It’s a special seven day period that comes before general availability where you can register the domains you want and begin using them immediately.

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