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Mar 31 2014

New TLDs are Growing

by Steve Banfield, SVP and GM, Rightside Registrar Services We are moving fast here at eNom, and today we are pausing to share some new data in conjunction with a panel I participated in today at DomainFest in Hollywood. We are 90 days into this hist...
Mar 25 2014

New TLD Updates: Stats That Will Surprise You

It’s amazing to think that in the past, we launched maybe 1 or 2 new domains every couple of years. Today, we add an average of 19 to our website every week in a new phase. The Internet is making history, and we get to be a part of it.
Mar 24 2014

What is Donuts Early Access Program (EAP)?

Do you want a chance to claim the most sought after new domain names? Buying domains in the seven day long Early Access Program (EAP) will ensure you get the names you want. EAP, explainedDonuts, the largest new TLD registry, kicks off their Gen...
Feb 28 2014

Overcome Challenges to Selling New TLDs

Can your customers buy new TLDs on your site? If not, we want to find out how we can help you take advantage of this enormous opportunity, so we’re asking you the reasons why you're not selling new TLDs.
Feb 19 2014

New TLD Launch Calendar Now Available

You asked and we heard you loud and clear! Our reseller community has been telling us they need a better, easier way to view new TLD launches. Now that the new TLD rollout is in full swing, there are a lot of TLDs going live in different phases (and ...
Feb 6 2014

Be a Part of Internet History: New TLDs Stir Up the Domain Scene

Yesterday was an epic day in Internet history, as it was the official public launch of seven new TLDs. This means anyone can register a new web address with a fun, new twist to the right of the dot (on a first-come, first-served basis).
Feb 3 2014

Three Ways to Claim Popular New TLD Names First

Do you want a chance to claim the most sought after new domain names? Domain names that everyone wants, but not everybody can have? Depending upon your budget, here are 3 ways to get your names early:LandrushLandrush is a period of time where you can...
Jan 28 2014

7 New TLDs Hit the Streets in GA this Week

Did you know that 60 new domains are available for pre-registration today at eNom? Seven of these TLDs go live in General Availability (GA) this week. Yes you heard that right, in just 1 more day 7 lucky new domains will go live.
Jan 20 2014

Do You Want to Grow Your Online Services Sales by 10x?

Is your business growing by more than 10 percent? We think it should be.On January 16th alone, over 141 thousand domain names were registered. Surprisingly, only 1% of the world owns a domain name, leaving you with a lot of room for increased sales. ...
Dec 10 2013

Brand Protection for Trademark Holders

Increase sales from brands with DPMLWe’re excited to announce a new TLD product for trademark owners that is now live at eNom.Donuts Domains Protected Marks List (DPML) is the perfect opportunity for you to increase sales from a highly motivated grou...
Dec 3 2013

Seven More New TLDs Launch in Sunrise Today

Lucky Number Seven!The next set of new TLDs are available for pre-registration in Sunrise! Seven launched last week, and seven more are live today. Lucky seven? We think so!Sunrise is the first phase of a domain launch dedicated primarily to trademar...
Nov 26 2013

eNom Launches Seven New TLDs in Sunrise

Let the New TLD Sales Begin - Sunrise is Now Open!Today marks the beginning of a new Internet era, as seven new TLDs officially launch in Sunrise. This is the first phase of a domain launch dedicated primarily to trademark holders, allowing them earl...
Nov 15 2013

Release Dates for 16 Popular New TLDs

Get Ready - New TLDs are ComingThe expansion of the Internet has begun, as sixteen new top level domains (TLDs) will officially launch over the next 30 days.New TLDs will impact the way we connect online and essentially change how we navigate the Web...
Nov 13 2013

eNom Signs the New TLD Registry-Registrar Agreement with Donuts

Over the last few years, the eNom team has worked diligently to make sure we are ready to offer new TLDs through our platform the moment they go live. In preparation, we created the Watchlist to collect expressions of interest from customers (or coll...

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