3 Very Cool, Not-so-Obvious Ways to Use New TLDs

Published on 8/19/2014

New TLDs and Branding

A Domain Name Isn’t Strictly Used for Websites

You’ve come to us to get online, whether it's to promote your business, blog, cause, or to just show off your skills for potential opportunities. Your first step is to choose a domain name.

Now listen closely...a domain name isn’t strictly about getting your website online; it’s about branding who you are, who you want to be, and how you want to be perceived on the Internet. New domain extensions (nTLDs) like .NINJA and .ROCKS allow you to choose a web address that's more precise, more descriptive and more direct. These are the foundations of building a strong brand identity.

We’ve done some thinking outside the box and have come up with 3 fun ways you can use nTLDs to their full potential to create that awesome brand identity you've always wanted:

#1   Create a personalized (or just super fun) email address

Do you use a generic email account like Gmail for business purposes? Unfortunately, this is like showing up for work in your pajamas, plus you just lost a sale. For example, Dana, who owns her own business called Dana’s Cookies, changed her email from danacookie@gmail.com to dana@danascookies.rocks, which communicates the personality and the professionalism she’s looking for.

Your benefit? Ownership of a memorable email address that characterizes what you’re all about.

#2   Keep your current website, but get a more descriptive domain name

If you have an existing website you can still benefit from registering a new domain extension. Simply craft another witty new web address and set it up so that anyone typing in that address is redirected to your existing site. For example, say you use a blogging platform, tumblr to be more specific. An address such as javacodingninja.tumblr.com (which is long and hard to remember) can be transformed into a name like javacoding.ninja. Catchy, short and just plain awesome.

Speaking of awesome...nTLDs are a great way to spice up your marketing efforts. For example, if Amazon wants to showcase their product feedback, they could use amazon.reviews. The social experts at the Azusa Police Department in California are already using azusapd.social to connect with their community.

Your benefit? You can build a web address with purpose (and keep your old one, too!).

#3   Give your LinkedIn profile a simpler, more tailored address

LinkedIn is all about making connections, being found, and powering your career. Personal branding is imperative! So why do you still have that clunky, coded web address assigned by LinkedIn? Make it easier to connect online - get a new domain like yourname.social and then set it up so that anyone typing in that address arrives at your LinkedIn profile.

Some folks here at Enom are adopting this method. You can meet our awesome GM at steve.ninja, or one of our expert database engineers at ronwest.guru. Even people from Rightside (our parent company) are jumping in the game. That’s right, we’ve got a cfo.ninja.

Your benefit? A rockin’ LinkedIn web address and a job offer (or two).


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