How Google Is Helping You Grow Your SSL Sales

Published on 8/12/2014

Grow Your Bottom Line with SSL

In case you haven’t already seen, there was some pretty big news regarding SSL in the marketing world last week. It’s not often that you get SEO tips from Google, but their recent announcement that SSL certificates will have a direct impact on SEO rankings is a major win for us. Although SSL right now has only a minor impact, Google will look to strengthen the significance as they continue to increase security practices to protect their users.

The announcement is one of many recent blogs coming from Google that shows their effort to promote improved online security. They are hoping to encourage businesses to implement SSL to encrypt website traffic on as many sites as possible. This is in efforts to defend their customers from man-in-the-middle attacks, as well as protect their privacy.

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For our reseller community, here's a quick recap and what it means for your SSL sales.

Benefits for increased adoption of SSL for the customer:

  • Grow your bottom line: higher SEO ranking = more web traffic = more opportunities = more sales = $$$$$$ = happy customer
  • Increase trust of your website: protect your customer’s privacy using end-to-end security that can help protect the entire user session from start to finish
  • Improves SEO rankings: every company wants to rank favorably on Google, so it’s in their best interest to ensure web pages are encrypted

How can you make money from this?

The new standard of security is to have Always On SSL to truly protect your customers. Google is using its most powerful asset in manipulating the search rankings to show their stance on security and indirectly supporting this initiative. Let’s help our customers understand the importance and benefits to ensure they have a truly secure environment and SSL for all of their web pages.

Take these 3 steps:

  1. Make sure you're enrolled in our Symantec and GeoTrust EV SSL Certificate promotions for resellers here »
  2. Download the marketing kits for the SSL brands you're currently selling
  3. Promote SSL with the banners and copy from the kits on your own website, blog or social media

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