Email Survey: The Outcomes

Published on 7/18/2014

A few weeks ago we asked for feedback on the features you’d like to see in our new email service that’s coming soon. We want to thank everyone who took the time to fill out the survey - your responses helped us out immensely. We’re also very appreciative of those who emailed us directly (we did read them!).

Since you took the time to share with us, here’s what we heard, and here are the features we decided to build into our new service.

Over 43% of respondents would like to be able to use our email service for a domain that may be registered through another provider. So, we’re going to allow email to be purchased for domains registered with us or someone else.

For the 68% of respondents that want to pay on a yearly basis, you’ll be happy to know that’s how we’re setting up the billing. For resellers who use our API, we’ll be offering both monthly and yearly billing options.

You’ll have the option to sync up the expiration date of your email with your domain name’s expiration date, because more than 70% of respondents felt this was important.

New features? You got it. Here are the top features that respondents felt were important and will be included in the new email.

  • Spam filtering
  • Virus protection
  • 20 MB file attachment size for both sending and receiving
  • 1GB and 10GB of storage options available
  • Address book to store contacts
  • Calendars for keeping track of schedules
  • Easily view email via any web-enabled mobile device or on the Web

A few other areas that the survey showed respondents were concerned about, and will also be included, are:

  • The ability to support domain administrator roles to manage email accounts
  • A strong password and SSL support to address any security concerns
  • A richer, more user friendly mobile experience

Stay tuned for the release date, it’s coming soon!

Have questions? Please contact our sales team at or give us a call at

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