Claim the Most Sought-After Domains First

Published on 4/25/2014

Secure New TLDs in Early Access

Have you found the ultimate domain, but it’s not available yet?

Well, you don’t have to wait around for it to go live. Lock it down now by placing a pre-order, and we’ll try registering it for you when the time comes. Here are a few options to make sure that you get the coolest new domains first.

Jump to the front of the line with a pre-registration

Pre-registration is your chance to get a great domain name a step ahead of the general public, and at an affordable price. Once your domain enters general availability, we’ll automatically try to register your name, giving you the best chance of getting it.

Increase the odds of getting names during early access

Early access is the best way to claim the most sought after names. It’s a special seven day period that comes before general availability where you can register the domains you want and begin using them immediately. The costs of the names start out high and then decrease each day until levelling out on days five through seven (making day five the best day to buy). It’s similar to an auction: the domain gets awarded to the person who pays the highest price.

We’ve just introduced a new feature that allows you to schedule the day you want to place your early access order. The earlier the day you choose, the better your odds are of getting the name you want.

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Here are some helpful tips for pre-registering your names during early access:

  • Early access orders override all pre-registration orders.
  • If an order is placed for your domain name at an earlier day than you chose, your order will be overridden. For example, a day four order overrides a day five order; a day three overrides a day get the gist.
  • If someone places a day four order for the name you want, you will not be able to place an order for day five (choose a day 3 or day 4 to get that name).
  • If there are multiple orders for the same name on the same day, the name will go to auction.
  • Once in auction, the domain goes to the highest bidder.

It’s time or money. What chances are you willing to take to get your name?


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