One Simple Way to Boost SSL Sales

Published on 4/21/2014

Focus on selling EV to increase margins

Security is, and will always be, a major concern online. It also presents the perfect opportunity for you to offer security products to your customers.

There are 3.4 million malicious sites on the Web, and 61% are just regular websites that have been compromised. Unfortunately, it’s likely that a large percentage of the websites affected are your own customers. They need a SSL Certificate, especially one with EV. It’s proven to:

  • Increase sales by gaining the trust of potential buyers.
  • Lower shopping cart abandonment.
  • Increase potential signups.

If you've already sold your customers another SSL certificate, upgrading them to EV is the logical next step in the sales cycle (not to mention you’ll increase your margins). As security concerns continue to rise, your customers need the ultimate website protection that shows they have legitimate, trustworthy websites that are safe to purchase from. Only Extended Validation shows a green address bar (identity validation) in all web browsers.

While we aren’t going to change your business model, we thought we’d share what you can do to improve EV sales:

  • Expiring non-EV SSL Certificates: Target customers with another certificate (such as the popular RapidSSL or GeoTrust Quick SSL) expiring within the next 90 days. Send them an email or leverage your in-house sales or support teams. Upsell!
  • Add EV to your eCommerce packages: Since these customers will be selling online, they need the best protection.
  • Upgrade during checkout: Provide upsells during the checkout process with EV as an upgrade or additional add-on.

What margins can I gain from selling EV?

See what’s in it for you with our EV SSL Calculator. We’ve included our promotional pricing and suggested retail price for GeoTrust EV. Calculate your EV margin »

How do I get started?

Take these easy steps to start promoting EV to your customers:

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