What is the Early Access Program (EAP)?

Published on 3/24/2014

Do you want a chance to claim the most sought after new domain names? Buying domains in the seven day long Early Access Program (EAP) will ensure you get the names you want.

EAP, explained
Rightside, Donuts and CentralNic (domain registries) kick off their General Availability with EAP for the first 7 days of their TLD launch. EAP is similar to a Landrush phase where a premium price is paid to claim the best domain names. The EAP fee is determined by the registry. Anyone interested in registering names during this phase can place orders on a first-come, first-serve, non-restricted basis.

Why buy during EAP?
It’s the perfect opportunity to register highly desirable, non-trademarked names. You can grab names to promote or protect your business, or even dominate a market by registering industry-related terms (before someone else beats you to it). Also, EAP overrides pre-registration orders, making it the best time to secure the names you want.

How the pricing works
The costs start out high on day one and then decrease each day until General Availability. The best day to buy is day five because it is the most budget friendly option. You’ll see why…

If you are a part of our reseller partner program, your pricing is as follows:


If you purchase our products or services, here's your pricing:


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