Overcome Challenges to Selling New TLDs

Published on 2/28/2014

Is a new TLD in your drop down?
If not, we know where it can be found.

In less than 30 days, the first 27 new TLDs are on the open market. That’s more generic TLDs going live than in the last 25 years. And, this is just the beginning.

  • 27 new domains are live today.
  • 5 domains are in an early access phase.
  • 64 domains are available for pre-registration.
  • 300+ more are coming soon.

Can your customers buy new TLDs on your site? If not, then we know where they can be found. Yes, your competitors.

We want to find out how we can help you take advantage of this enormous opportunity, so we’re asking you the reasons why new TLDs aren’t available on your site.



#1   We’re going to wait...and see


Have you seen it yet? Recently, more domain name providers have turned up the promotional heat - yes, even the domain name goliath. We’re talking media blasts, online banners, TV ads, emails, social media campaigns and quirky viral video stunts (like those from our friends at name.com).

The word is getting out - consumers are aware that new TLDs are here. Do you want to take a chance that your customers will get a name from your competitor (or someone worse)? As we approach 200,000 registrations, here are the top 10:

Domain # of Registrations
- as of 2.26.2014 -
.GURU 39,156
.TODAY 10,082
.TIPS (the first day) 8,019
.BIKE 7,915
.GALLERY 6,804
.LAND 6,361



#2   There just isn’t room on our road map


Being a technology platform, we empathize. Everyone tends to want a lot but there’s never enough time. Here are a couple of suggestions from the team:

Make the business case.
How much would it cost you vs. make you in the long run? You could have already been collecting fees for new TLD orders even before they’re live. Best of all, multiple domains are guaranteed to be available in this phase for at least the next 12 months.

You determine your margin. Say, you set a $10 (or more) pre-registration fee. If you sold an average of 60 a day for 30 days, you could have already made $18,000. By the end of the year, a whopping $219,000. And this is just from domain pre-registration fees.

Other considerations:

  • Lost sales from customers who buy from a competitor.
  • New sales opportunities you could be getting.
  • Improved conversions with more domain availability.
  • Upsell opportunities.
  • Next year, renewals (which you don’t have to do anything!).

Make room, cut down the development time.
We’ve created tools just for you to make integrating new TLDs easier. Thousands of our resellers are already using them.

  • If you are using WHMCS billing platform, easily add new TLDs in minutes without any development using our New TLD Addon. All you have to do is turn it on and promote new TLDs to your customers.
  • cPanel or Parallels Plesk Panel users, we’ve got plugins for both that are quick and easy to integrate. Limited development work is required - all you have to do is promote them.
  • Add a white labeled widget to your site. This significantly cuts down development time while making new TLDs available within your website. When you can get new TLDs on your road map, switch to the API. But, don’t forget to promote them.
  • Extend your brand, create a new online storefront and send customers to new TLDs there. You can easily turn on and off services that you don’t want to support.


#3   Price


Yes, we hear this a lot. It’s a competitive world, and everyone wants to make money.

Will customers be willing to pay more for these new domains?
People pay more for what that they find of value. Today they are willing to pay a higher price because they want to be first in line when a new TLD goes live. Or they want to be unique with a niche domain name. Need some proof?

  • Almost 200,000 registrations in less than a month show that people are buying new TLDs.
  • Thousands of people are buying domains that are more than $100 during the 7-day early access program window.
  • Someone bought soccer.guru for $12,000.

I have domains bundled in with the cost of my service, I would lose margin.
We definitely don’t suggest you reduce your margin, but you could always try to upsell a relevant new TLD that’s shorter. We just released a free, brand new Namespinner that will return relevant results via our API (our widgets already come with it!). Here are some examples of relevant suggestions that could be returned:

  • BobtheDemocratForSeattleCouncil.TLD, try BobforSeattleCouncil.Democrat
  • SocialGameAppforTeens.TLD, try GameAppforTeens.Social or SocialTeenGame.App
  • HowToWriteJustAboutAnything.TLD, try HowToWriteAnything.Tips

Actually, your existing customers are diamonds - you already know a lot about them through their domain names. Recently we ran a few marketing tests to customers with domain names that matched a new TLD term in it, and we increased our open rates by 23% and our click-through rates by 8%.



Contact us!
Hopefully we’ve provided enough information to help you solve the top three roadblocks. If you don’t want to read all the info, we love hearing from you. Please email us at Sales@eNom.com or give us a call at 425.274.4500 option #1.

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