Be a Part of Internet History: New TLDs Stir Up the Domain Scene

Published on 2/6/2014

Finally, new domain options are here!

Do you remember your first experience on the Internet? Where .COM was most likely the three magic letters in a URL to the right of the dot, called a domain? Chances are, it's still the most common domain you'll see.

Well, yesterday was an epic day in Internet history. We are no longer limited in our domain extension choices because new TLDs have officially launched to the general public. Seven domains are available to everyone (on a first come, first served basis), and many more are coming soon. Here are the areas that we’re focusing on to increase our sales:

  • Pre-Registrations: As new TLDs are added to this phase, we’re seeing huge spikes in sales. This phase is the best opportunity to make money on new TLDs which are not yet live. You could already be selling more than 60 new TLDs in pre-registration today.
  • Early Access Registrations: The Early Access Program (EAP) from Donuts is a seven day period where anyone can get access to popular domains for a premium price. The costs start out high and then decrease each day until General Availability. Pay attention to this phase -- on day 5 this week, we saw a huge spike in sales from people wanting to get to the domains first.
  • Standard Registrations: What more is there to say? Today we launched seven of these new domains, and they are available for standard registration everywhere: .BIKE, .CLOTHING, .GURU, .HOLDINGS, .PLUMBING, .SINGLES, and .VENTURES. Not to mention the thousands of pre-orders we received prior to launch...

New TLDs are making Internet history. It’s the first opportunity in years where domains can really increase sales. Join us -- add to your domain offering to attract more revenue and customers.

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