Three Ways to Claim Popular New TLD Names First

Published on 2/3/2014

Do you want a chance to claim the most sought after new domain names? Domain names that everyone wants, but not everybody can have? Depending upon your budget, here are 3 ways to get your names early:


Landrush is a period of time where you can get priority registration for popular generic domain names. Anyone has the opportunity to purchase domains for an additional fee. Usually Landrush is between Sunrise, the first phase of a launch for trademark holders, and General Availability, the final phase when a TLD goes live. Landrush is an optional launch phase that may not be supported by all TLDs. After the Landrush window closes, domains with multiple orders will typically enter a closed auction where everyone that ordered the domain is given the opportunity to place a bid. Auction terms vary between TLDs. Learn more >>

Donuts Early Access Program (EAP) for General Availability

EAP is the perfect opportunity to register highly desirable, non-trademarked names. You can grab names to promote or protect your business, or even dominate a market by registering industry-related terms (before someone else beats you to it).

Donuts, the largest new TLD registry, kicks off their General Availability with EAP for the first 7 days of their TLD launch. EAP is similar to a Landrush phase where a premium price is paid to claim the best domain names. Anyone interested in registering names during EAP can place their orders on a first-come, first-serve, non-restricted basis -- at a set premium price (determined by the registry). On the first day EAP goes live, prices start at $11,000 and then drops every day afterwards. For a more budget friendly option, register Donuts domains on day 5 of EAP, which is significantly more cost-effective. View domains in general availability >>

Pre-Registration for General Availability

Get the domain names you want first. Pre-registration is your chance to get domains at cost-effective prices, where you pay for the standard registration and a fee to place the order. When you pre-register domain names, we automatically try registering them on your behalf the second General Availability opens. If we are unable to secure a domain name, we’ll refund the pre-order -- there's no risk involved. Any domain names with multiple pre-registration orders will go through an auction process at NameJet, our auction house partner. View domains in pre-registration >>

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