Published on 1/27/2014

By Chris Sheridan

As you may have already heard, we are raising the stakes for this Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVIII. A Denver vs. Seattle game is just too good of an opportunity to NOT pit Team eNom (based in the Seattle-neighboring city, Kirkland) vs. Team (located in Denver).

Details of the BIG BOWL BET:

  • WHEN Seattle wins, I get to travel Denver (in between my normal schedule of closing deals) and put Jared and crew through intense sales trainings. If you are envisioning something like 10 people enter the classroom and only 8 leave…you have the right image.
  • If Denver wins (yeah, okay), Jared gets to come up Seattle (probably his first time leaving the state of Colorado…baby steps) and run eNom for the day.

So, in short, it’s ON. With each touchdown Seattle scores, I can only imagine the absolute dread the Denver office will feel when Chris Sheridan 101 comes to town (yes, can you hear the Randy the Macho Man Savage overtones in my email?!).

So, Denver B team, I wanted to leave you with some insight on the upcoming sales-reckoning that will be occurring next week:

  • Our first session will be entitled “Don’t Be Afraid of Success!!” – even a small registrar with no guidance or leadership can stumble forward
  • Our afternoon session – “I refuse to be an Anchor!” – Here we will explore the top 5 things you can do to stop dragging down our company, beginning with selecting a life goal and then, ultimately, a work-related goal. Baby steps,, baby steps.

While we wait for Team eNom’s march to victory, you can look forward to an exciting deal either way:

Jared or I, Chris Sheridan, will be convincing one of our domain registries to give an AMAZING discount on domain names.

In the meantime, lets kick this bet off with $12 .COM, .NET or .ORG domains. Login to, use promo code "12thman" at checkout. Don't worry, even if you're a Denver football fan, you can still get this deal too!

Join in on this fun bet by tweeting your pick to @Rightside with the hashtag #BigBowlBet. Make sure you’re on the right side of history! (Seattle, duh)

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