90 Days In and a New Year Ahead

Published on 12/23/2013

A year ago I wouldn’t have thought that today, I would be leading an organization that is becoming a fire hose for millions of new domain names. The amount of change in 365 days is remarkable, to say the least. Now, with just over 90 days at eNom and Name.com under my belt and an exciting year ahead, it feels right to take a beat and look forward to 2014.

Behind every 2013 milestone, there has been a group of passionate people who want to change the way the world uses the Web. Both eNom and Name.com are home to a group of people who know a lot not only about innovation and technology, but are enormously creative and customer focused in their execution. As the Internet continues to expand in 2014 and beyond, so will we. We’ll continue to bring in more innovators as partners and team members, and our business will continue to evolve as the registrar arm of Rightside.

As Rightside progresses in 2014, we’re excited to tell our story – which, ironically, is about helping our partners and customers tell their story. To do this, we are focused on expanding all facets of our business – technology, infrastructure, service, tools, design – to help make possible this new era of the Internet. This is our priority.

In the midst of all this hard, great work, it should be noted that we are also very proud of our work-life balance, and our team will be taking a short break to celebrate with friends and family this holiday. We’re eager to recharge and prepare ourselves for the exciting year ahead.

Our best wishes to you and yours in this New Year. See you in 2014!

Steve Banfield, SVP and GM of Registrar Services

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