Release Dates for 16 Popular New TLDs

Published on 11/15/2013

Get Ready - New TLDs are Coming

The expansion of the Internet has begun, as sixteen new top level domains (TLDs) will officially launch over the next 30 days.

New TLDs will impact the way we connect online and essentially change how we navigate the Web. Imagine having the ability to sell your customers a piece of online real estate that defines who they are, such as,, or even

Here’s the first set of new TLDs with key dates to remember:

New TLDSunrise OpensGeneral Availability (GA)
.bikeNov. 26, 2013Jan. 29, 2014
.clothingNov. 26, 2013Jan. 29, 2014
.guruNov. 26, 2013Jan. 29, 2014
.holdingsNov. 26, 2013Jan. 29, 2014
.plumbingNov. 26, 2013Jan. 29, 2014
.singlesNov. 26, 2013Jan. 29, 2014
.venturesNov. 26, 2013Jan. 29, 2014
.cameraDec. 3, 2013Feb. 5, 2014
.equipmentDec. 3, 2013Feb. 5, 2014
.estateDec. 3, 2013Feb. 5, 2014
.galleryDec. 3, 2013Feb. 5, 2014
.graphicsDec. 3, 2013Feb. 5, 2014
.lightingDec. 3, 2013Feb. 5, 2014
.photographyDec. 3, 2013Feb. 5, 2014
.sexyDec. 11, 2013Feb. 24, 2014
.tattooDec. 11, 2013Feb. 24, 2014

If you aren’t one of the hundreds of resellers already using our New TLD tools, check out these quick tips to get prepared. Existing New TLD Portal resellers, you can skip to #4.

  1. Offer Every Phase of a TLD Launch to Customers: As a TLD goes to market it will go through a series of phases before going live to the general public. Each phase appeals to different types of customers -- from brands to individuals. Help your customers participate in the phases that interest them.
  • Sunrise for Brands and Trademark holders
  • Landrush for the pro’s willing to pay a price for premium generic terms
  • Pre-registration for customers to place an order before a TLD is live
  • Domain management tools with reporting -- coming soon
Start with Sunrise
  1. Collect Leads with the New TLD Watchlist: Give customers an opportunity to discover new TLDs before they go live. The Watchlist tool collects leads that you can convert into orders when TLDs become available. Customers can add domains of interest and be kept engaged with updates about the items they added. Once a TLD is available, the Watchlist will automatically trigger customers to place their orders. Feed your new TLD funnel now, then grab sales later. See the Watchlist in action.
  1. Integrate with Easy, Flexible Tools: Save time implementing hundreds of new TLDs on your site. With multiple options available, we can help you find the best solution to meet your needs -- for the short and long term. Embed it into your website or direct traffic to an externally hosted site with your brand. Use a widget now to support the pre-launch phases, and move to the API later for General Availability. View our integration options.
  1. Promote New TLDs with Marketing Kits: Creating awareness is easy with our customizable marketing kits -- grab a banner, a video and copy for landing pages. Place banners on relevant, high traffic pages and send out emails to your customers. You even can get content for social posts. As TLDs roll out, we’ll be amping these up with more options! Download the kits.

Stay tuned for more news about the hundreds of new TLDs coming soon.

If you’d like to learn more about selling new TLDs, check out our New TLD Program or email us at

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