eNom Signs the New TLD Registry-Registrar Agreement with Donuts

Published on 11/13/2013

Over the last few years, the eNom team has worked diligently to make sure we are ready to offer new TLDs through our platform the moment they go live. In preparation, we created the Watchlist to collect expressions of interest from customers (or collect leads) and also built simple, easy integration tools so our partners can participate in all of the launch phases of this historic opportunity.

The new TLD movement has begun, as we’ll see the first set enter Sunrise (more on this later) at the end of the month. New TLDs are coming, and soon!

This week, we’re excited to announce that eNom, along with our sister company name.com, has signed the Registry-Registrar Agreement (RRA) with Donuts, who is, by far, the largest new TLD registry applicant. A RRA is a contract that we must enter into with a given registry in order to be able to provide registration services for their domains.

Signing this agreement is an important milestone for a few reasons: (1) Donuts is most likely to be the first registry to launch the first seven new TLDs like .camera, .bike and .clothing; (2) more importantly, eNom and our partners now have the ability to offer over 150 new domain options to millions of potential customers looking for the perfect web addresses.

The Internet is growing rapidly. New TLDs impact the way we connect online and will fundamentally change how we live and conduct business online.

Are you ready?

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