Demand Media Announces Rightside as the Name of our New Domain Services Company

Published on 11/5/2013

It’s an exciting time for eNom and our partners as we enter the most historic event to happen on the Internet. The first set of new TLDs is expected to launch in just a few short weeks, marking the beginning of the Internet name space expansion. As this new era takes shape, so is our new company.

Introducing: Rightside

Previously, Demand Media (our current parent company) announced a planned separation between its media and domain services divisions. We’ll be two, independent, publicly traded companies. Today our new name was announced: Rightside will provide end-to-end domain solutions focused on advancing the way individuals, businesses and brands define themselves online. Most importantly as new TLDs go live, Rightside will also be offering some of the most popular domains (such as .ninja, .engineer and .social) which will be available through eNom.

We also have a new fantastic executive leadership team who are completely dedicated to the growth of eNom and our partners. Two people we want to highlight are Taryn Naidu, who currently serves as our Executive Vice President of Domain Services, will become the CEO of Rightside. A few months ago we welcomed Steve Banfield as our General Manager of eNom. As we transition into this new company, Steve will continue to report into and work closely with Taryn as he takes on his new role. Along with their wealth of industry experience and leadership, they bring with them something even more important: the drive to transform the domain services industry.

The Role eNom Plays

As we continue to move forward with our new company and new TLDs, everything at eNom stays the same. We have the same General Manager, an exceptional API, offer a breadth of domains—with more on the way, great customer service and the same team dedicated to the success of our partners. Even though we have a new company name, it’s the same eNom.

For more detailed information about the announcement, read the full release here.

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