eNom's New TLD Watchlist Reaches 3.3 Million

Published on 10/25/2013

Growing Consumer Interest in New TLDs

Three million is an impressive mark by any standard. Just this last month, eNom’s new TLD Watchlist reached 3.3 million expressions of interest. We’ve been keeping a close eye on the stats, and our 3.3 million mark is actually a 30% increase in the number of new TLDs being watched since April. In addition, we've seen a 50% increase in the number of Watchlist New TLD Portal and Widget downloads by our resellers since the beginning of this year.

These milestones are significant indicators that our customers are excited about the advent of new TLDs coming to market soon. With the expansion of the internet to include new TLDs, large corporations, small businesses, and even individuals can personalize their websites, making it even easier to connect with anyone over the web.

The top five categories by the number of total submissions have stayed consistent for the last six months, and they are:

  1. Services (for example: .attorney, .expert, .law, .design, .engineer)
  2. Identity and Lifestyle (for example: .family, .love, .vip, .mom, .health)
  3. Internationalized Domain Names/IDNs (for example: .com in Russian, .sale in Japanese, .charity in Chinese)
  4. Geography (for example: .vegas, .melbourne, .stockholm, .city)
  5. Novelty (for example: .wow, .ninja, .today, .wtf, .zone)

As for specific extensions, we see that .web, .shop, and .hotel are still at the top of the Watchlist. And in the novelty category -- which is always fun to track -- .one, .ninja, and .you have become gTLDs with the most expressions of interest.

For more information on the most popular TLDs and categories, click below:

New TLDs Infographic

Which new gTLD are you watching out for?

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