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Published on 10/30/2013

Anyone Selling or Supplying Domain Names Can Join The Domain Name Association

We’re excited to share a new opportunity for you to help support the growth and development of domain names. As the expansion of the Internet begins with new TLDs coming online, an organization has been created to represent the domain name industry. It is the first of its kind, and any company who sells or supplies domain names to their customers can join.

The Domain Name Association (DNA) is a new non-profit trade association that will educate Internet users about the benefits of domain names. A trade association actively participates in PR for a specific industry -- such as advertising, lobbying, and collaboration between the companies involved. The DNA’s mission is to help drive the use, adoption, and expansion of domain names. In an effort to educate the public about new TLDs, the DNA has launched an informational website

Ultimately, the DNA wants to make domain names a primary tool for users to:

  • Easily navigate the Internet with more clarity
  • Educate and excite consumers about new TLD opportunities
  • Have more choices available in how they express themselves through their web address

Plus, the DNA is a great way for you to network and learn from others within this industry -- it’s filled with many well-known domain experts with years of experience. In fact, eNom is very involved as well. Our very own Jeff Eckhaus, SVP of Corporate Development, and Statton Hammock, VP of Business and Legal Affairs of Domain Services at Demand Media, are both founding members and have been very instrumental in its launch.

Statton says, “The domain name industry needs an organization that can speak with a single voice on issues that affect its members. With the launch of new TLDs, we are going through a period of massive change and opportunity. A trade association dedicated to the growth of this industry and the companies involved is vital to ensuring the success of domain names as a navigational tool.”

Why should you join? The more you know, the more your customers will know. Building you and your customers' awareness ultimately helps increase your domain sales.

Learn about the benefits of joining the DNA or watch the webinar.

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