DreamHost Prepares for New TLDs

Published on 7/24/2013

This past June, the entire eNom team descended upon Austin, Texas for another great HostingCon event. Regardless of location or tortuous temperatures, our team is always excited to exhibit at this conference. It’s a great opportunity to meet in-person with hosters, listen and learn.

If you haven’t heard already, our focus is on New TLDs and how we can help resellers take advantage of them. So when we sat down in Austin to discuss New TLDs with a few key partners, we decided to take our meetings one-step further and share them. Now you can listen to the feedback and opinions about New TLDs directly from partners who have started preparing for New TLDs with the Watchlist.

So, here it is – the first of our eNom interviews with Simon Anderson, CEO of DreamHost.com. Listen to Simon’s view of New TLDs and what it means for DreamHost customers.

Chris Sheridan, @sheridanct


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