Historic Moment in New TLDs Program Launch

Published on 7/23/2013

Curious about the state of New TLDs or just learning about them for the first time? Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about the status of the New TLD Program.  Before we get started, here are current New TLD stats courtesy of ICANN:


  • 1,930 TLD applications submitted

    • 97 applications withdrawn

  • 1,833 applications are in process with ICANN

    • 1,092 passed the initial evaluation

    • 741 currently in evaluation

  • 877 applications with objections

    • 690 in contention (similar or exact match to another new TLD)

    • 197 with objections from ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC)

Last Week's Historic Moment

Another major milestone on the road to New TLDs was hit this past week. At ICANN 47 in Dubai, the first registry agreements were signed by four New TLD applicants with approved applications for new IDN TLDs. This is a big deal because signing a registry agreement is one of the last steps before the launch of these Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs).

Now that the first agreements have been signed, more TLDs that have completed evaluation will sign in the order their applications were considered, based on the prioritization draw numbers they received late last year.

Upcoming New TLDs Milestones

While these first four TLDs have only a couple steps to go before their TLDs can go live, many other TLDs still have a long way before they can make it official. Here’s a breakdown of the nine milestones each TLD must pass on the road to launch:

1. TLD Applications Filed - Completed April 2012
2. TLD Applications Revealed - Completed June 2012
3. Application Prioritization Draw - Completed December 2012
4. Objection Period - Completed March 2013
5.  Initial Evaluations - In Process
6. Contention & Objection Resolution - In Process
7. ICANN Registry Contracts Signed - In Process
8. Pre-delegation Testing - In Process
9. Go Live - IDNs est. to go live Q4-2013

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