New TLDs and the Opportunity for a More Secure Namespace

Published on 12/17/2012

With all of the new TLDs coming online, there has been a lot of talk in various communities about the program’s potential impact on web security and rights protection. As longtime participants in the TLD process, we have noticed that in these types of conversations little attention has been paid to all of the work various stakeholders have put into making the new TLDs safe for consumers and rights holders alike.

But now, CyberDefcon, an independent internet security company, has just published a new whitepaper called The New gTLDs - Secure by Design. The whitepaper does a great job of outlining the history and potential for abuse in TLDs, while also detailing how the work being done by registries and registrars has the potential to produce a dramatically more secure series of namespaces.

We’re glad an authoritative source has put the complete story out for all parties to see and understand. And we agree with CyberDefcon’s conclusion that the new TLDs will be the safest yet, thanks to all of the hard work from a very large number of concerned parties!

To learn more about cyber security visit CyberDefcon.

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