New TLDs 101

Published on 6/12/2012

Do you remember your first experience on the Internet? What was to the right of the dot on the address bar? Chances are, it was .COM. In the nearly 20 years of people using the Web, only 22 generic TLDs (those magic letters to the right of the dot) have ever been available to the public. Of the 141 million domain names registered, more than 70% are .COM, limiting our choices when registering new domain names.

In just a few days, the most monumental event since the birth of .COM will take place. This event will forever change the landscape of the Internet and end an era of chaos caused by the limitations on how we tune into the Web.

On Wednesday June 13, 2012, thousands of new generic TLDs will be introduced for the first time by ICANN, the organization that regulates domain names and many aspects of the Internet, in a historic Big Reveal. This announcement will bring with it a new spectrum of possibilities for every person and business that uses the Internet from that day on.

Expanded Choice

Today, finding a descriptive and memorable domain name is an epic task. Searching for a domain name clear of trademarks, cyber squatters, and not already claimed is like finding a needle in a haystack - and is more than just a little bit frustrating.

After new TLDs become available, people won’t have to settle for names like or Instead, they can choose names like or

Simply put – there will be many, many more names to choose from within a range of open-ended (.web, .blog, .site) and narrowly defined (.attorney, .cafe, .florist) gTLDs. Domain names every day people can remember.

Enriched Expression

One of the greatest things about the Web is how it has evolved into a place where hundreds of millions of people share their thoughts, aspirations, and creations each day. Starting June 13, the Web will become a lot better at meeting your personal interests by providing places you can identify with when you share your ideas with the world.

Perhaps you’ll now .blog, .dance, .garden, go .fishing, or play .rugby. Or show the world why you’re proud to be an .actor, .engineer, .mom, .vet or even a .ninja!

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