How To Use Watchlist to Prepare for New TLDs

Published on 9/18/2012

We’ve been getting ready for new TLDs by leveraging Watchlist to develop our strategy. With the data we are collecting, we know how to maximize revenue, determine which TLDs to focus on, how to engage and educate our customers so they’re ready to buy, and ways to start building leads now so we can get the most sales out of each TLD launch.

You can do all of these things too by promoting Watchlist and using the data it collects about your customers.  Read on to learn simple techniques we’ve been using to get the most out of Watchlist.

Promote Watchlist to Your Customers
Before you can benefit from Watchlist, your customers need to use it. Making sure your customers know about Watchlist is the first step to getting your customers to build lists. On eNom, we’ve given Watchlist high visibility. Here’s what we’ve done:

- Added Watchlist to our site navigation menu.
- Emailed our customer base.
- Sent a reminder to customers that haven’t built lists yet.
- Placed a pop up notification when users log into their accounts.
- Displayed banners on our homepage and related pages.
Out of what we tried, including Watchlist on our site navigation has made the biggest difference. Email has proven the second most effective way of driving traffic to Watchlist. Finally, the pop up notification also made a difference with banners have generated the least momentum.

Use Watchlist Data Effectively
Once your customers start building their lists, you can use that data to plan your next steps. Here’s some things you can do to get the most out of Watchlist:

- Track top TLDs watched to see which ones to focus on.
- Determine which TLD launch phases to offer: Sunrise, Landrush, General Availability, or all three.
- Learn more about your customers selections to promote related products and services to. For instance, customers watching .SHOP may be interested in ecommerce products.
- Keep your customers engaged by sending regular updates relevant to the TLDs on their lists.
- Generate lead lists of active customers for your sales team to follow up with.
- Track customer trends to learn what kind of engagement and promotion is most effective.
Take Advantage of Our Tools and Integration Options

We’ve made it easy to take advantage of these tips. You’ll receive regular email updates containing key statistics of your customers’ Watchlist activity. We’ll soon be adding reports to your account that will provide stats for you on demand.

We also have a marketing kit available so you can get started promoting Watchlist on your site right away.

We’re offering two primary options to bring Watchlist to your customers:

New TLDs Portal - Coming Soon
A simple and customizable solution to implement Watchlist, Sunrise, and Landrush. Quickly integrate Watchlist into your site or link to it as a standalone site without spending the time and effort on full API integration.

Learn More

eNom API - Available Now
For the most flexibility, build Watchlist directly into your business with full API integration.

Learn More

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