eNom New TLDs Program Launch - Watchlist API and New TLDs Portal

Published on 8/24/2012

Kicking Off eNom’s New TLDs Reseller Program
We are excited to announce the first tools we are developing to make it easy for our resellers to take advantage of the historic opportunity presented by new TLDs. We have just launched our new TLDs Watchlist into the API and in early Q4, our flexible, easy-to-use New TLDs Portal solution will be available.

New TLDs Watchlist Now Available in the API
Watchlist is a powerful tool for collecting expressions of interest from your customers to measure demand and drive sales of new TLDs. Coming soon, reports available in your account and periodically sent by email will give you an in-depth view of what new TLDs to focus on and insight into what implementation options best fit your business.

Reasons why you should integrate Watchlist:

- Plan your new TLDs strategy
Collect data to identify sales opportunities, determine which new TLDs to focus on, and choose the best implementation options for your business.

- Lay the groundwork for future sales
Drive more traffic to your purchase path as new TLDs launch by leveraging collected data.

- Leverage in-depth reporting
Keep up-to-date with regular reports sent via email and available any time in your account.

- Be first to market with new TLDs
Start lining up customers now before they take their new TLDs business to a competitor.

Leveraging the API allows you full control over how you integrate Watchlist into your site. We’ve put together an API Quick Start Guide and a marketing kit with everything you need to help you get started. Get ideas for how to use Watchlist on your site by checking out Watchlist on eNom.com.

Get Started

Coming Early Q4 - eNom’s New TLDs Portal!
The next service we’re launching is the New TLDs Portal. Our New TLDs Portal is a flexible, easy-to-integrate solution for implementing new TLDs up to General Availability. It does all the work for you, including:

- Fully integrates Watchlist

- Supports Sunrise, Landrush, and pre-General Availability phases

- Handles customer communications for Watchlist updates and program updates

- Processes orders, does all the billing, and pays you commissions

The Portal is designed with flexibility and customization in mind. You can choose which TLDs and features to enable individually, add your brand, and integrate it directly into your website or link to it as a stand-alone site. It saves time and resources as a great alternative to API integration for all new TLDs services up to General Availability. Look for the New TLDs Portal to launch in early Q4 of 2012.

Questions about New TLDs Portal? Contact sales.

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