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May 1 2015

New Domain Extension Launch Dates: April 27 - May 10, 2015

Pre-registration and sunrise opens for .GOLD, .GOLF, .PLUS and .TOURS on Tuesday, April 28th. On Wednesday, April 29th, .TIRES and .VIDEO launch in EAP, and .FIT enters general availability.
May 1 2015

Reseller product enhancements: April 13 - 26, 2015

Our product managers, UI designers, and engineers work on new product enhancements and features every week. Here's a quick run-down of what they did over the last two weeks that may benefit you.
Apr 28 2015

How to personalize your blog's URL with a .ME domain

Do you have a custom web address for your blog or personal page? This is where the .ME domain comes into play. For example, if you use Tumblr, you can transform a URL like into
Apr 28 2015

API catalog enhancements

Our goal is to make it easier for you to work with us. Simple as that. While we have an amazing support staff that’s here for you 24/7, we also want it to be convenient for you to find the information you need on our website anytime, anywhere.
Apr 27 2015

10 things we've been working on for you

Meet our product management team! They've been hard at work taking action on the amazing feedback you've provided us in recent surveys. After all, our goal is to create the best possible reseller program (and experience) for you.
Apr 24 2015

What does the world think about new domains?

Today, more than 500 new domains are available, like .ROCKS, .SOCIAL and .VIDEO, aka the “new cars.” Hundreds of new options now allow us to have a more custom and descriptive web addresses on both sides of the dot.
Apr 15 2015

Recent changes to due to Google's new mobile-friendly ranking signal

As of April 21, 2015 Google will be expanding their use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in search results.
Apr 13 2015

$0.99 domain daily deals April 13 - 17, 2015

Monday, April 13th through Friday, April 17th, we're offering $0.99 domain daily deals with promo code POCKETCHANGE at checkout. Follow us on Twitter for updates on these amazing deals!
Apr 3 2015

April Reseller Newsletter

Enom has partnered with Rightside Registry to go all slice n' dice on the .NINJA domain price for April. We’ve slashed the price to $0.99 for new 1 year registrations. All you have to do is sell .NINJA domains at $4.99 or less.
Apr 1 2015

Knockout reseller .NINJA campaign

We’ve partnered with Rightside Registry to go all slice n' dice on the .NINJA domain price for April. We’ve slashed the price to $0.99 for new 1 year registrations, and yes, you’ve automatically been enrolled in this promotion as of April 1st!
Mar 30 2015

Profit from domains and SSL

Did you know that having an SSL-secured website from an industry leading provider can legitimize your customer's website, protect their users information, and help them to grow their business?
Mar 30 2015

Enom employee spotlight - Ron West

We have had many questions on social media about the people that work here. “Does anyone even work there? Who is Enom?” We want to answer that question for you. Our first guest is Ron West who is a Senior Software Developer.
Mar 30 2015

Why domain names?

Sometimes I'll speak with someone and they will ask, "Why are domains necessary?" It is a fair question and there are many answers. But one answer in particular is the fundamental truth: Remembering numbers is hard.
Mar 30 2015

New Domain Extension Launch Dates: March 30 - April 26, 2015

Week of March 30th: the .TIRES domain launches in general availability on Wednesday, April 1st. During the week of April 6th, .FLOWERS, .CYMRU, .WALES, .WEDDING and .YOGA all launch in general availability.

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