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Here is a quick step by step look into creating and publishing web sites with us once you have purchased a Web Hosting account with us.

Step 1:

Create your web site.

On your computer create all the HTML and/or ASP and other supporting files such as images (JPGs and/or GIFs). Keep them in a directory (folder) which you should name something similar to your site.

Once your web site is functioning and you are ready to put it on the internet go to step 2.

Example: default.htm is in the directory named "example" on your computer.

Step 2:

Upload / Publish your site.

Transfer the directory containing your web site and all files and folders to your Web Hosting account. Either upload your files with an FTP application, Dreamweaver or you can use FrontPage to publish your site.

Once your site is uploaded, test it by typing in the full path (internet address) in your internet browser application. The full path is the current address of your web site: http://your-webserver.ehost-services.com/your-user-name/directory-name/ (http://your-user-name.ehost-servicesxxx.com/directory-name/ in new Web Hosting account, x is the web server number). Once your web site is finished and online go to step 3.

Example: Move the directory named "example" online. http://your-webserver.ehost-services.com/your-user-name/example/ (http://your-user-name.ehost-services10x.com/example/ in new Web Hosting account, x is the web server number) is the address your web site resides at. Please login to your Web Hosting account (http://webhosting.enom.com) and click "Quick Info" for detailed information about your full path.

Step 3a:

Point a domain to your site.

All you need to do now is to point your domain name to your web site so that people can simply type in your domain name address in their web browser and see your web site.

Log-in to the Web Hosting Control Panel and go to the Web Sites section. Point a domain by "associating" it to your Web Hosting Account and point the WWW and @ host headers to the directory containing your web site.

If your Domain Name is with eNom and in your account, you are done and you can type your domain name to see your web site. If your domain name is somewhere else, go to step 3b.

Example: Set WWW and @ to point to the folder named "example" in your account.

Step 3b:

Point host records.

If your domain name isn't in your account with eNom, you will have to create or modify your WWW and @ Host Records to point to our web servers. Help with Host Headers and Host Records. These settings changes can take up to two days to take effect depending on the domain name registrar.
This is one of the reasons we strongly recommend having your domain names with us.

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